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Afghanistan government having key programs to root out corruption

By: Suraya Raiszada

Corruption is one of the phenomena that can challenge development programs of Afghanistan. To fight and root out corruption in the country, all national and international organizations working towards counter corruption should coordinate and jointly work to tackle the challenge, but Afghanistan government says it is strongly committed to fighting corruption in the country.
Informing of effective developments in counter corruption effort, Afghanistan government officials said counter corruption was in top working priorities of the government.
“Corruption is a big problem for both the government and people of Afghanistan, but considerable developments have taken place in this regard in recent year as key and practical programs and steps have been taken towards rooting out corruption I the country,” said Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President.
Danesh stressed that the government had serious determination for fighting corruption in the country, considering role and cooperation of civil society organizations, the media and people as key in fighting the corruption.
Addressing a gathering on Monday to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, Danesh said: “The government needs to appoint clean people as leaders in every organization in order to fight corruption,” Danish further said that outside the government they also needed strong organizations to fight against corruption.
“We need strong financial controls in government organizations particularly in financial departments to stop corruption,” Danish said.
Meanwhile, national and international organization operating in Afghanistan to fight corruption believe that Afghanistan government has taken some effective steps towards fighting corruption in the country, showing serious determination of the government in counter corruption effort.
“During the past five years, Afghanistan has taken good steps towards rooting out the vicious phenomenon of corruption in the country. For example, approving law on access to information and law on counter corruption,” said Sayed Ikram Afzali, head of Integrity Watch Afghanistan.
A member of Afghanistan Sciences Academy Shir Ali Tazari says unfortunately Afghanistan is the list of the most corrupted countries in the country although continued efforts have been made in national level to tackle the problem.
“The people of Afghanistan have been suffering corruption and the phenomenon is a big obstacle towards development programs in the country; therefore, counter corruption requires cooperation of all the people to cooperate with the government in rooting the phenomenon,” Tazari added.
As Afghanistan government has taken considerable steps towards counter corruption, representatives of the people in parliament and experts believe that coordination and cooperation of all national and international organizations are needed to fight the phenomenon in the country.
Lower House of parliament by praising the government for its steps taken for prevention of corruption stressed that leaders of the government should make further effort to obtain trust of the people.
In the meantime, UNAMA in a statement on Monday said that the UN “reiterates its support” for Afghanistan’s initiatives to fight corruption, and acknowledges steps made to “challenge impunity.”
“The UN welcomes the legislative, policy and institutional improvements that strengthen Afghanistan’s framework to fight corruption,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.
“However, corruption continues to affect Afghan citizens’ daily lives and erode public confidence in government institutions; it is therefore crucial to focus now on implementing the laws and holding to account those who break them to demonstrate resolve to counter corruption,” he said.
The statement also said that the UN acknowledges the “difficult security situation in which judges and prosecutors operate” and condemns targeted killing of justice officials.


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