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Afghanistan exports increase by 10pc

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan says that the exports of the country have been increased from three percent to ten percent this year and it is for the first time the exports of Afghanistan have increased considerably.
The spokesman of this ministry, Musafer Quqandi in a briefing told media that comparing four previous years, the exports of Afghanistan have increased seven folds and now it reaches to ten percent.
Quqandi added that four years back, in 2015 the exports had estimated worth $514 million but now, this figure has reached to $ 883 million.
In current year, we have a growth of 20 pc in our exports. If we compare it with that of four years back, our exports have been increased 45 pc. Quqandi continued.
He said the main reason behind increment of exports is using of air and land corridors, increment of markets for offering of Afghan merchandize, enhancement of quality of Afghan products as well as Exports National Strategy that leaning on exports.
This is in a time that previously, Afghanistan was enumerating as a complete importing country.
Being land locked and continuation of war in this country were enumerating always as great hurdles before Afghan products and exports of this country.
But, the government of Afghanistan says Chabahar port, one belt one road, using of lapis lazuli road as well as inauguration of air corridors broken this hurdles and government wants in upcoming year, the exports of Afghanistan to be reached to $ one billion.
A number of economic experts from among them Taj Mohammad Talash regards increment of exports as an achievement but adds that the government should make further effort in the connection.
He added that ten percent exports are supportable and we should be optimist in thisrespect.
We should further utilize from great chances such as support of WB, ADB, Islamic Banks, NATO, RECCA and other economic programs so that basic changes be occurred in people’s living situation.
According to Talash, ascending of exports graph should be continued for continuation of economic motivation. Otherwise, according to him, it would remain limited.
He added great part of exports are comprising of agricultural products so the government should have continued cooperation with farmers and horticulturists.
One of another expert, Shir Ali Tazri told The Kabul Times that I hope the government to prepare further ground for merchants of the country.
He added that for years, Afghanistan was an importingand consuming country.
With increment of air corridors and transit routes, the merchants did to offer the Afghan products to world markets in a good and safe manner.
In my opinion, if the Afghan products to find good markets abroad, and government to prepare a good condition for merchants it itself helps the Afghan merchandized to find their way to foreign markets in two and three folds.
The people also welcome the opening of air corridors that are effective for the growth of economy and said that if the government to support capital holders and merchants, they can globalize the markets for offering Afghan products.
Establishmentof commerce and transit routes for easing of merchants transaction by government is a good step taken for the growth of economy of Afghanistan. Although, Afghanistan was grappling with much problems in import-export of Afghan merchandized but after passing of few years, as a result of efforts made by the government of Afghanistan, especially after establishment of air corridors, Chabahar port, inauguration of Lapis Lazuli route, the investment level and exports of Afghan products have been increased comparing previous years.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.