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Afghanistan enjoys historic civilization & culture

From ancient times till now, there have been lots of knowledgeable figures including poets, writers, researchers, religious ulamas and scholars who have left precious and valuable books and articles behind. Their valuable books and cultural and spiritual articles have kept the country’s academic and literal prestige in the world.
Both reading books and seeking knowledge have their particular position in our society as all elders and knowledgeable figures of our society have reached their highest position by reading books and seeking knowledge.
Since the book on human resources and thoughts reflects the special and creative talents of the human community and ultimately reflects the facts and the point of decline and past successes of nations in the wider limitlessness of the planet, So the special attention is directed to the evolution of the current era values, prosperity of the living and taking an example of the weakness of the decline, So need to be referred to the most valuable gift which is called book.
A number of book-sellers in Kabul say that Afghan youth are still looking for good books to read, but the culture of reading books has been affected by increasing poverty and unemployment in the country.
“There are thousands of domestic and foreign books at Sarwar Sadat Bookstore in Kabul.
Fortunately, the culture of reading books among Afghan youth has improved in recent years, but with the evacuation of thousands of people particularly youth and professional people the culture of reading books among youth has decreased and books are not sold comparing to past years,” said Ahmad, owner of Sarwar Sadat Bookstore in Kabul.
He said that he usually provided his bookstore with books imported from Iran as most of the foreign and English books are translated into Persian in Iran, adding that he has also opened a printing company to print books translated and written in Afghanistan at a low price.
In a message to the Afghan youth interested in reading books in the country was to read books as the book was the best friend of human being, adding that his bookstore and printing company were in the service of those printing and reading books.
Meanwhile, an employee of Baihaqi Books Publishers department Mohammad Omar pointed to the importance of books and reading books said with reading books all the religious ulamas and philosophers have reached the highest peak of success.
He said that in consideration to the importance of book and book-reading, the last week of the month of Saur of the solar year has been named as the National Week of Book; therefore, the week was marked every year withholding book exhibitions in Kabul and other provinces.
It is worth mentioning that with the lack of interest of Afghans in book reading and the permanence of reading culture in the country, the coming week (May14-20) was titled “Week of the Book”. This week, is celebrated and honored around the country by holding exhibitions and broadcasting messages about the values of books and reading books. Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.