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Afghanistan democratic system won’t go back

FILE -- Female delegates during the opening ceremony of Afghanistan's Grand Assembly in Kabul, Afghanistan, April 29, 2019. An expected agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban to smooth future negotiations raises concerns that women may lose some freedoms. (Jim Huylebroek/The New York Times)

By: Lailuma Noori

With starting US and NATO troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan, the country has once again faced with the propaganda war, rumors and anxiety the continuation of which will result in deterioration of the political situation in future as generalization and increasing the propaganda lead mass morale to atmosphere of despair, hopelessness and anxiety.
Today, Afghanistan witnesses with increasing news stories focusing on war, violence and insecurities produced by different media outlets across the world, but one of the great part of our concerns and fear is caused by increasing rumors and wrong propaganda.
Rumors in connection with ending the current political system after the US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan are widely echoed and broadcast in media particularly international media outlets, but it is better to ask that is there any alternative for the current political system of Afghanistan?
The people of Afghanistan have now reached to a wise political conclusion that collapsing the current political system is not in the interest of any group or front. They know better now what the role of political fronts and the people is in defending and protecting the past 20 years’ achievements and values.
Since starting the US and NATO troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan in May, we have witnessed in media that a large number of political activists and experts have started to raise their voice in support of the current political system and said that they won’t go back.
Recent mobilities of the ordinary people in support of the current political system and protection of all achievements and values of the past 20 years is a clear message to the Taliban group that the people of Afghanistan won’t go back. This is a good piece of news for all that the people of Afghanistan from Nangarhar to Khost and Paktia and to Kandahar, Balkh and Badakhshan are stating their support from the values of the democracy, showing that Afghans are willing to live in a peaceful environment rather than in war.
Afghanistan has now entered to a new chapter of relations with the world countries particularly US and NATO member ones. NATO and US have committed to continued support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) till 2024. Now that Afghans are in very tense situation, it is better that further pressures should be exerted on supporter of terrorism in the region. Otherwise, we will witness inhuman incidents caused by surge in Taliban’s attacks and violence and their supporters.
Now, it is time that all Afghans should support the brave soldiers of the country as they are working hard day and night to protect and defend the country and people. As now the US and NATO troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan is about to complete, it is the responsibility of all the people, political parties and media to raise their full support from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as they have all responsibility for defending, protecting and maintaining security for the country.
The people of Afghanistan are once again standing against the enemy with full unity and solidarity. They are supporting the current political system and will fight the enemy with full energy. The forerunners of this core are the country’s defense and security forces, which have always shielded themselves against the cowardly and intimidating attacks of terrorist groups.
The people of Afghanistan wholeheartedly support the brave Afghan forces as they are giving sacrifices day and night to maintain security for the people. If the enemies are to continue their crimes, their safe havens will be discovered and destroyed by the brave Afghan forces.
We Afghans should spoil the propaganda of the enemies of Afghanistan. Although some media outlets are echoing the enemy’s rumors and propaganda and somehow exaggerate their activities, what will happen if the media outlets renew their strategy, stop reporting the enemy’s achievements and sanction the group. The answer is clear. They will be in the dark layers of information and will not have time to appear in the country particularly on these days when the people are concerning over increasing insecurities and war in the country.
Today’s youth, men, women and media colleagues should not be a tribute for the enemy’s propaganda and should not exaggerate their minor achievement. The enemies of Afghanistan are all benefiting from the current tense situation facing the people of Afghanistan.
It is good for every Afghan citizen to wisely think that it is in the best interest of the country to have a strong central government. But, what is important for us is not to pour water into the mill of internal and external enemies by fueling rumors of the overthrowing of the current system. Support the national government and the central government in the country. We should firmly stand against those thinking of collapsing the current political system as the biggest arm we have is the overall support from the government.



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