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Afghanistan defeat New Zealand in Wheelchair Basketball

KABUL: Afghanistan National Wheelchair Basketball Team beat on Friday New Zealand national basketball team in the Asian and Oceania series. In their first game of the Asia and Oceania competition, Afghanistan’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team managed to defeat New Zealand with a score of 77- 37. The Afghan wheelchair basketball team is scheduled to play against Saudi Arabia, the Philip pines, and the United Arab Emirates after facing New Zealand in this competition. It’s worth noting that in the allocation matches for the Paris Paralympic Games, eleven countries are participating, and these competitions are set to continue in Thailand until January 20th. These games have begun with the participation of Afghanistan’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team, and according to information from Afghan Paralympic wheelchair basketball officials, this team is among the top ten teams in Asia. Afghanistan’s performance in the Asia and Oceania series reflects its commitment to excellence in wheelchair basketball. As they continue to compete, Afghan fans eagerly await more victories from their national wheelchair basketball team in this prestigious competition. Mustafa

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.