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Afghanistan committed to UN Declaration on Elimination of Violence Against Women

In Latin America, as of 1960 to date, November 25 is celebrated as the ‘World Day of Elimination of Violence against Women’ as well as to commemorate the barbaric killing of three sisters for the sin of political activities against dictatorship, tyranny and violence occurred in the Republic of Dominican.
On October, 1999, the UN General Assembly proclaimed Nov. 25th as the world day of negation of violence against women and as of that date, annually, those who oppose violence against women world-wide, gather around each other so to flay violence against women.
The UN and the Inter-Parliamentary Union have encouraged governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities to support the day as an international observance.
The first article of world declaration on elimination of violence against women has said that violence against women meant any act that is based on gender which results in physical and psychological injuries and causes the women to suffer.
Violence is an issue that doesn’t have relations with culture and religion.
In democratic societies, a man is obliged to pay his wife’s livelihood and the wife doesn’t have any personal financial support. In such a state, the husband thinks himself better than his wife and calls himself his wife’s owner.
But, there are different types of violence,such as honor killings, physical tortures, amputation, murder, beating, self-immolation etc. that are imposed on women, mostly by their husbands or other family members. 
Afghanistan is among those countries that has signed world declaration on elimination of violence against women and has committed to observe that.
But unfortunately, there is no executive power and serious control considered to apply the related laws and the violence against women has visibly increased in compare with last years. It is an issue that harms the individual but also has far-reaching consequences for families and society.
Annually, hundreds of innocent women and girls being faced with family and other kinds of violence.
Therefore, to fight this phenomenon, it is the duty of everyone, all relevant entities, parties and domestic media to seriously step up in the respect.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.