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Afghanistan, China to further expand trade relations

The Chinese ambassador has said that the Chinese firms would put efforts to make investments in Afghanistan in the sector of processing of dry fruits. In return, Afghanistan Minister for Industry and Commerce Nooruddin Azizi has also stressed on putting efforts to further expand trade relations between the two countries. China has good political and economic relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Some Chinese firms have invested in various sectors of Afghanistan. China has launched the practical exploration of mines in Afghanistan. Afghan has started the construction of roads in Wakhan some time ago for the purpose of getting connected with China through the ground routes in Badakhshan’s Wakhan. Afghanistan’s minister for Industry and Commerce has recently said they have discussed progress on the Wakhan route with the Chinese officials. He has assured that they would soon reach a conclusion with the Chinese officials for the basic construction of the Wakhan route. The government of Afghanistan has been trying to expand trade with China and other countries of the world through the Wakhan route and remove dependence on Paki stan in this sector. The Afghan and Chinese officials have recently discussed trade and transit between the two countries. Afghanistan Minister of Industry Nooruddin Azizi and Chinese ambassador for Afghanistan Zhao Sheng have discussed issues concerning to trade and transit between the two countries. Given Afghanistan’s strategic geographical location at the crossroads of Asia and its role as a vital bridge linking China with neighboring countries, the country is now moving towards development and interested in expanding trade relations not only with China but with all countries in the region. Additionally, Afghanistan wants to open new routes with China and other countries so that Afghanistan can export its domestic products not only to China but other countries in the region and world. China is actively working to cultivate and enhance its relationship with Afghanistan within the framework of regional cooperation. This effort involves the adaptation and implementation of various projects aimed at deepening and broadening the scope of their relations. In today’s diplomatic landscape, regional cooperation stands out as an essential element in the foreign policy strategies of many countries. With its Geo-economic position, Afghanistan holds a crucial role for China within the region due to its status as its western neighbor, sharing a border of approximately 92 kilometers. The historical Silk Road connected these two lands nearly two thousand years before Christ. Beyond facilitating commercial transactions, this historic pathway played a significant role in cultural and linguistic exchanges, fostering closeness between the people of these two regions. This historical connection remains embedded in the collective memory of both nations. With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover, trade relations between Afghanistan and other countries in the region have boosted. Afghanistan has exported $1.717 billion worth of products to various countries of the world and region in the past 11 months. Over 97 percent of the goods are exported to Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. The remaining three percent of the goods are exported to other countries of the world. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.