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Afghanistan & China to further expand good & historic relations

Interests and increasing concerns of China have made the country’s foreign affairs minister pay a visit to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Beijing wants to cooperate with Afghanistan to maintain its interests. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has warmly welcomed the Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister in Kabul.
On his first visit to Kabul after the Islamic Emirate takeover, Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi met with foreign affairs minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi and the cabinet’s first deputy Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. They discussed Afghanistan current political, economic and humanitarian issues.
The first issue is China’s security. China is concerned about the increasing activities of the Uyghurs on its borders as in some extent, some Uyghurs have formed a group to be active. The Uyghurs live in the China’s Xinjiang, bordering Afghanistan in the north-east.
Their culture, traditions and beliefs are different from those of the Chinese.
Their religion is Islam and it is estimated that the population of the province has reached to 11 million. Uyghurs consider Xinjiang as a separate state from China. More than a million Uyghurs are being brainwashed in camps to change their minds.
The second issue is Afghanistan’s mines, a treasure that can help China grow its economy further. Afghanistan is rich for its gold, copper and lithium mines and other precious minerals and mines. China is also looking to expand its one-way belt project. Afghanistan’s strategic position is important for regional countries particularly for China’s ambitious goals.
Fardin Hashimi, head of Afghanistan development studies, by pointing to recent visit of Chinese foreign affairs minister to Kabul has said, “I think the most recent visit of the country’s foreign affairs minister to Afghanistan is more about the specific situation happening at the regional level, meaning that external elements and regional developments are more affectable than the internal elements we’re witnessing. After attending the OIC conference in Islamabad, Chinese foreign affairs minister flew to Kabul on March 24.”
For its position in the region, Afghanistan is considered as important for China as the country is looking for its economic resources in Central Asia and Afghanistan.
According to an Afghan expert Malik Setez, the recent visit of Chinese foreign affairs minister to Afghanistan has been coordinated and planned as Afghanistan future is important for the country.
“The China vision is more economic as the country is also working to expand its economy via Afghanistan’s route to other countries in the region.
But from a diplomatic point of view, if we look at this mission, the position of Chinese foreign minister is considered as one of the most important positions in international forums. In the world diplomacy, Chinese foreign minister, U.S. Secretary of State, Russian foreign minister and EU external relations commission are the most important positions. When Chinese foreign minister pays a visit to Kabul, it is important for the Islamic Emirate to make use of the visit positively.
The recent visits of the Chinese foreign minister and Russian special representative to Afghanistan have two important messages: One is a small message which is important in national level for the region. Their presence in Afghanistan means that there is convergence and both countries think of Afghanistan positively, which is good. The other message which is important in international level is the Ukraine wars as the U.S. and the west are seriously engaged in the Ukraine’s war. This has made the Chinese and Russians to deliver a very serious message to the international community that the world is not just about Ukraine. They somehow show that the world is big and they are key players in the region.
For Afghanistan, it is a good opportunity to positively make use of regional convergence as China and Russia are two big countries thinking of their economy and security.
This can be a good opportunity and ground for the recognition of the Islamic Emirate in near future.



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