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Afghanistan benefits twice from Tajikistan’s mega power project exports

Tajikistan, with roaring rivers is a rich-power energy country and the recently inaugurated worldwide tallest hydro-power dam is expected to export plenty of low-price power energy to Afghanistan.
Afghanistan, not only benefits directly from the import of Tajikistan’s recently inaugurated mega power project’s electricity, but would also gain high revenues from the power transit via its soil to other countries like Pakistan and India, once the mega project completes, Dr. Shamsulhaq Aryanfar, former head of Afghanistan Government Dailies told The Kabul Times.
“Tajikistan, by inaugurating its richest power dam, has now become independent and self-sufficient and can export extra electricity to Afghanistan, where it would help activate thousands of electric devices, machines and other plants generating works for tens of thousands of the Afghan people, Aryanfar said.
According to him, Afghanistan Provinces sharing borders with Tajikistan, benefit more from the power energy exported to the country.

Tajikistan, few weeks ago, inaugurated its $4 billion hydro-electric power plant, which can enable the country to overcome domestic energy shortage and export electricity to Afghanistan in its neighborhood, as well as to Pakistan and India.
Championed by the Tajik great leader, Emom Ali Rahmon, the plant, which was built on Vakhsh River of Raghon city, has been said to reach 335 meters (some 1,099 feet) and become the world’s tallest hydro-power dam.
According to details from Kabul based Tajik Embassy, the Raghon hydro-power plant includes six turbines—each one producing up to 600 megawatts, and by generally producing 3,600 megawatt, has been evaluated equivalent of three nuclear power plant, if completed.
Raghon’s power plant could also produce “Green Forces” to prevent the remnants of substances harmful to environment and provide facilities for observing modern ecological standards.
Plans are now made and works started for restoring the capacity of the functional hydro-power dams, particularly Narek and Qiraq Qum plants.
More than 12 billion Tajikistan rupees or Somoni ($1,273, 885, 350) has so far been spent in the construction and activation work of the Raghon power dam and the government of Tajikistan predicated 1.9 billion Somoni ($201 million and 751,000) for the project this year.
Upgrading the Sarband Hydro-power dam has been started, requiring a total budget of up to 1.1 billion Somoni (over $116 million) and the first phase of Narek water dam project cost up to 3 billion Somoni ($318 million 555,000), while the Qiraq Qum hydro-power project took 600 million Somoni ($63, 711,000) to be kicked off, according to the details given by the embassy.
A grand ceremony attended by Tajikistan high-ranking officials and visitors from other countries, including Afghanistan, was held to inaugurate the world’s tallest power dam in Raghon city of the roughly Tajik country, in November 16 this year.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.