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Afghanistan asks Taliban to make use of opportunity for peace

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Ministry of Interior in reaction to recent remarks of Taliban members in Moscow where they have said they can take the control of the whole Afghanistan in two weeks has asked the group to stop serving to foreigner and make use of the opportunity for peace in the country.
In Moscow, a journalist asked a member of the Taliban group on remarks of US President Joe Biden, who has said he does believe in Taliban strength. The member of group speaking in a news conference said when Taliban can capture 14 districts in a single day, they have the ability to take control of the whole Afghanistan in 14 days.
US President in his recent remarks had said that 75,000 Taliban fighters were not equal to 300,000 Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, adding that he did believe in Afghan security forces.
In reaction to the remarks of the Taliban delegation, a spokesperson to Ministry of Interior (MoI) rejected the Taliban’s claims, saying that the Taliban member’s remarks were not true.
“Taliban leaders would not live abroad if their claims were true. The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, Afghan Air Forces, Afghan Special and Commando Forces are all well-prepared and can seriously respond the group’s any threats,” said Tariq Arian, a spokesperson to Ministry of Interior.
According to the MoI spokesperson, a former Taliban commander Mullah Basir has told The New York Times that there’s no empty place for Taliban dead bodies to be buried in most graveyards along Afghanistan and Pakistan border, saying that most Pakistan hospitals have been overwhelmed by Taliban wounded.
Continued and failed attacks of the Taliban group on most districts show that the group does not have sufficient logistic possibilities. For example, they cannot fight more than three hours. Experiences have shown that they escape after the first hours of fighting.
The country’s defense and security forces are now able to seriously respond their attacks in most districts and provinces.
A number of Afghan political experts consider recent visit of the Taliban delegation invited by Russian officials to Moscow as concerning. This comes amid of US and NATO troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan.
The Taliban delegation in Moscow has also said on that they will not attack provincial centers. Taliban negotiator Shahabuddin Delawar, in Moscow with two other members of the group, said that they will not attack cities to prevent bloodshed. This comes three days after the group’s fighters launched large-scale attacks on Qala-e-Naw, the provincial capital of Badghis. The attacks were repelled by the country’s defense and security forces.
In Moscow, the Taliban delegation stressed on formation of an Islamic government, saying the name is not important but its nature should Islamic. Taliban delegation’s visit comes after the group’s visit to Tehran, the capital of Iran.



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