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Afghanistan asks for continued support & assistance of international community

By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghan citizens are asking for continued support and assistance of the international community, saying that their assistance and support provided in the past 20 years have been effective for the development of the country.
Ahmad Shakir and Gulalai, two residents of Kabul, in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent say the international community has provided lots of assistance to Afghanistan in the past 20 years and it is good that the world should continue their support to Afghanistan.
“We now witness foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, but our people need their support and financial assistance; therefore, they should continue their financial assistance to Afghans,” Shakir and Gulalai said, stressing there is still war ongoing in the country where infrastructures are destroyed due to violence and attacks of the Taliban group.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan economists by pointing that how the assistance provide by the international community has been spent in the country says undoubtedly no governments have been able to make a balance in incomes and expenditure in the past of four decades.
They say that Afghanistan has been always dependent to foreign financial assistance although most of the assistance provided to Afghanistan in the past has linked with some political impetuses.
According to Afghan economists, Afghanistan has changed to one of the most significant political and economic priority for the international community after Taliban the fall of in 2001 and so far the country has been one of the countries that has received lots of financial assistance from the world countries.
If we see the past, Afghanistan has received lots of financial assistance provided by the international community since 2001, but despite of unprecedented achievements in political, social and economic sections, the country still need continued support and financial assistance from the international community as there is still fighting and the country is facing with serious threats from terrorism.
Following US and NATO troops withdrawal process from Afghanistan, the international community has promised to provide continued assistance and support to Afghanistan government as some donor countries have provided assistance to the country’s health, education and women empowerment programs in the past one year.
Recently, Swiss has announced it will provide 104 million franc to Afghanistan for projects to promote the rule of law, agriculture, and education until 2024.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.