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Afghanistan and peace efforts

Since the last over ten months, the Afghan government and its allies have been seriously endeavoring to restore peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region and President Donald Trump appointed Dr. ZalmaiKhalilzad as Special Envoy of US State Department for Afghan peace over there months earlier.
For over forty years, the innocent Afghans have been burning in the devastating flames of imposed and proxy wars of regional spy services. New rounds of peace efforts were launched since early March 2018 which was followed by two subsequent meetings of Afghan-Pak Ulema in Jagarta, Indonesia. In early 1397 solar year, Kabul process conference was held in Kabul.
A big meeting of the world Islamic Ulema was organized in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in which the participants issued verdict in accordance with Islamic principles and called war against the Afghan government and ANSF and their terrorist activities illegal.
The Tashkent and Moscow meetings are also indicator of efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan.
Beside those efforts China and India have also expressed their support for peace efforts in Afghanistan and quick restoration of peace in this war-torn territory. Politically these supports could be advantageous for peace process and useful for restoration of reliable stability in Afghanistan and region and achieving reconciliation with armed opponents.
Khalilzad started his peace mission travelling to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Pakistan and recently Moscow, met concerned authorities including Taliban political leaders in Doha (Qatar) including Mullah KhairullahKhairkhaw, Mullah Abdul HaqWaseeque, Mullah Abbas and Mullah NoorullahNoori. Khalilzad seems satisfied so far for results of his peace efforts.
After meeting with Kabul leaders, Khalilzad travelled to Moscow for similar talks.
Due to particular geopolitical situation, for consecutive centuries, the world superpowers, had been trying to occupy Afghanistan and dominate it. Their invisible activities have been ongoing through their intelligence services and fifth columns and their inauspicious war-mongering plans have caused devastation of Afghanistan.
Abdul Hadi Quraishi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.