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Afghanistan ahead towards real democracy, as people elect new parliament

Though, the parliamentary election was scheduled to be held three years ago, but due to some certain reasons, the process announced to be conducted in October 20 this year.
Thousands of people willingly joined the polling centers and voted their favorite nominees all over the country, despites growing security threats from insurgents in many areas, resulting in the process to take two days to end.
Some technical problems causing some polling centers remain close and security threats in many areas, made the IEC to announce the extension of the process for one day more.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) facilitated all what needed for the process, including biometric verification system for the entire polling centers in all of the country’s provinces, except few ones with some temporal challenges, where voting would be resumed, as per the commission plan.
The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has also registered many cases of irregularities witnessed during the process in many areas and would file them with the central offices for final decision.
The enemies of people and democracy used all their power during the first polling day to disturb the process and stop the voters from going to the polling centers, but all their efforts were in vain, as the people joined the security forces to remain on alert for foiling any enemy plots and share with the related organs.
The militants affiliated with Taliban and other terrorist groups, could launch explosive attacks on the polling centers in some parts of the capital Kabul and many areas in the provinces, but couldn’t deter the people from their determination to practice their votes for their favorite candidates.
Indeed, this means that Afghanistan, more than ever, is stepping up towards real democracy and believing that the only way to help welfare and prosperity restored in their country, is their strong will to elect a new parliament.
In addition to the IEC local agents, thousands of observers from political parties and civil society activists have been tasked to monitor the voting sites and prevent any fraud and irregularities during the process.
Women efforts to nominate themselves in the parliamentary elections, have also been eye-catching, as in the past processes, their presence at the house, was not tangible.
Tens of women in the center and provinces of the country competed with their men counterparts to reach the house of people and decide for themselves and their country.
On the other, the new parliament would be a house with members from young generation, with new and effective ideas and agenda to represent the people. It clearly highlights that Afghanistan is turning another page in its history and going toward more development by the young legislators
Up to 70,000 troops, including defense, security and intelligence personnel are deployed to ensure security of the voters and the polling centers all over the country and could foil any destructive plots from insurgents.
The government of national unity has already announced that it would support a free, general, transparent and fraud-free parliamentary election in the nascent democratic country.
The international community, including Afghanistan’s close partners, should do more and help the country get rid of terrorism and extremism, as it clearly witnessed that terrorism recognizes no border and no religion and would absolutely engulf the world and disturb security of the nations, if not controlled.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.