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Afghanistan ahead towards economic development

08 May 2012, Hajigak Pass, Shibar District, Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan : Hafiz Ullah (38) a former potato farmer works with heavy road building machinery at a construction site at Zuhak city, the gateway from Bamiyan to the proposed Hajigak Pass Iron mine. He is paid 300 Afgans a day with breakfast and lunch included. " It is much better than farming" he says." I will try to get a job at the mine." The World Bank is funding the proposed development of the Hajigak iron mine through its sponsorship of local Community Development Councils that give local residents a voice in the planning of the mine. The Afghan Ministry of Mines in conjunction with a raft of foreign companies are developing a blueprint for the mine. Plans include construction of infrastructure such as roads to access the remote location, schools and new residential complexes to house mine workers and their families. Local village residents are looking forward to the development that will provide jobs and an increased standard of living in a harsh area that suffers from extreme poverty. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

Nearly all projects, mostly in economic fields have either been kicked off or implemented, after more than 20 years of the former governments’ failures to even conduct a quality project all over the country. In most parts of the country, roads were built and asphalted with low-quality projects and have been destroyed with a short period of rainfall or relatively little overloaded trucks. Schools buildings in some remote parts of the country fell on the students due to low-quality materials used in the construction projects, as there were no honest monitoring and overseeing teams to supervise and report to the related organs as well as there were no committed and patriotic justice and judicial offices to take them responsible and bring them to justice. Many construction projects remained incomplete or the project owners escaped after obtaining the funds under any pretexts and leaving their works semi-completed, salaries of thousands of teachers have either been stolen or remained unpaid, as the exministries of education have been falsely claiming that they have constructed thousands of schools across the country, mostly in the remote provinces. But after the fall of the past corrupt regimes, thousands of uplift projects have been completed and millions of Afghanis were saved during the launch of construction schemes. Recently, work on the construction of Bakhshabad Dam’s diversion tunnels has kicked off in the country’s Farah province. The Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar in a ceremony attended by a number of high-ranking Islamic Emirate officials, inaugurated the Bakhshahbad dam project which has the capacity of irrigating more than 69,000 hectares of land in the province. The country’s PM aide, Beradar pledged to make efforts to complete the vital project, as part of the government’s plan to use all waters of the land-locked country for irrigation purposes and help the wide arid lands to be green and fertilized. The people of Farah province have long suffered heavy drought with their livestock being perished due to lack of fodder and the people forced to leave their lands and seek livelihood in the provincial centers. The local people also provided financial support to the government which promised to complete the vial project within nine months, as it lacked fund due to frozen assets abroad. The whole people of the country, particularly, the national businesspersons should cooperate with the government and join hands with the organs concerned to launch and complete thousands of economic projects and leave behind a positive and prolific legacy of high services to the next generation and mend the failure of the past corrupt regimes who have never been thinking for the prosperity of the poverty-stricken nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.