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Afghanistan; a common home of all Afghans

Following the establish ment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) in mid-August 2021, Afghanistan
has become the common home for all Afghans. The security has improved across the country; therefore, the people are needed to work for the development of their country and not let the country become a ground for prejudice, war and ignorance.
The future of Afghanistan will be bright if experts, knowledgeable figures, university lecturers, politicians and leaders introduce national interests of the country to the people of Afghanistan who have suffered from continued war and violence in the country.
The facts indicate that we have abundant natural resources in this country. With the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, all natural resources as minerals and mines have been now owned by Afghans themselves. Legally extraction of the country’s mines can help the Afghan nation stand on their feet.
The people of Afghanistan know better that no foreign countries will be help Afghans build their country until Afghans themselves take step to it; therefore, first of all, Afghans should respect the holy religion of Islam and then abide by all domestic and international laws, regulations, and stay away from bigotry, ignorance,
war, and violence. Let’s work together day and night to do more for the development and reconstruction
of our country.
We should accept that we have now good opportunities for development and reconstruction of our country. In the meantime, we also have increasing challenges such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and others. We should do more to address all these challenges that are considered the main obstacles for development
of the country.
With continued efforts of the people and leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and national unity, the current challenges and problems facing the people and country will be addressed.
If the people of Afghanistan go ahead with unity and helping each other, no powerful empire, occupying system and foreigners interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
It is a good opportunity for the Afghans to work together and give hands for the development and reconstruction of the country as Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans.
Mohammad Daud

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Mujtaba Qayoumi December 7, 2022 at 12:24 pm

The whole topic was nonsense. Since Taliban took over the Afghanistan’s government they accelerated the prejudice, human rights violation, economic dip and restricted women’s rights . They didn’t get their legitimacy through the people’s willing and they are imposing their awkward ideologies with the violence and force.
So how do you expect people to bring them the hope they would have a bright future ahead. Taliban is the bullshit dictatorship which would overthrown soon inshaullah.

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