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Afghan youth to vote for change in 2019 presidential elections

Available polls indicate changes and transformations in our political culture. The data included these polls no doubt can’t tell us the rate of intentional or unintentional behavior of our citizens. In other words the polls can’t explain that how many out of 80pc people who wish to participate in upcoming presidential elections, act deliberately or undeliberatily. The presidential elections are due to take place on July 20.2019. The Kabul Times reporter has interviewed the following youth on upcoming presidential elections and asked their opinion.
One of the educated youth Roheed Enayat touching the future presidential elections said in upcoming elections “we would cast our vote to an Afghan and muslim candidate, who would pave the way of employment for youth, because majority of our educated youth are unemployed due to lack of job opportunities. Since consecutive years, our youth expected peace, security and employment but they have not achieved this hope yet.We want such a president to rescue us from misfortune, lack discrimination and consider Afghanistan the home of all Afghans.”
Sayed Sahel Sadat another youth: the next president should be a person to restore peace and security as an urgent priority, supply modern arms and heavy weapons to our security forces and take firm steps for progress and development of the country. We don’t want a president to waste our time uselessly.

Spogmay a female youth said, the next president should ensure women’s rights properly because in the last seventeen years women’s rights have been violated, they have been disturbed, beaten court martialed etc. Sayed Naser Wahedi another youth said, my favorite candidate of presidential elections should be Afghan born muslim and his hands not to be stained with blood of people and who would pave the ground of employment opportunities to people specially educated youth. The next president should decisively fight moral and administrative corruption and eradicate corrupt officials from department.
Abdul Qayoum a street vendor said, in upcoming election we would cast our ballot to a person who would bring change in people living conditions, increase public income, pave the way of business to private sector and support them. He should fight drug trafficking, corruption.
Jawed Naseri another youth: we would vote to a candidate to rebuild our devastated infrastructures and exploit our underground resources.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.