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Afghan youth should work for country’s development, prosperity, Khairkhwa

KABUL: The Acting Information and Culture Minister Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, in an official ceremony, inaugurated a center specialized for online business (freelancing) at the Accounting Institute of the dormitory of the Youth Affairs Department of the ministry, the ministry said in a statement Sunday. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Youth Affairs Minister Mawlavi Mohammad Rashid and a number of other high ranking officials, the statement said. Referring to the development and growth of the country’s “Over 10,000 tons of non-standard steel construction materials (I and C channels types of steel sections) which didn’t meet the criteria of the national standard authority, had been stopped at the Islam Qala ground port of the country’s southern province of Herat and returned to the neighboring country of Iran,” the statement said. youth, Mullah Khairkhwa said that countrywide security has been ensured and the Islamic Emirate is making efforts to provide the people; particularly, the youth with education and job opportunities inside the country, according to the statement. “We should try to prevent leaving of our cadres from the country, and the Islamic Emirate has always been committed to provide the country’s cadres, educated and specialized people with more and better facilities and employment opportunities,” the statement quoted Khairkhwa as saying. Speaking at the ceremony, Mawlavi Rashid said that his-led department was trying to provide job opportunities and improve the economic situation of the youth, therefore, the department created a specialized center for online business (freelancing) and the students of the accounting institute, in three sections will be provided with the software, graphic design and online business (freelancing) education, the statement added. “Currently, there are 45 B.Sc. lecturers in this center from seven zones of the country, including Kabul, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Herat, Kunduz, Balkh and Khost provinces, who have been hired through examination and they will continue online education to the students,” the statement quoted Rashid as saying. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.