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Afghan women’s social activities & their achievements

Afghan women have been able to play vital role in all fields despite of various problems and challenges they are facing in current situation in the country.
Kabul provincial chief of women Latifa Altaf in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent said: “Provincial directorate of women affairs in Kabul is making effort to address problems facing Afghan women in the province as the department has launched various problems for women in Kabul city and 14 districts of the province.”
She added that the department was operating in four sections as legal affairs, capacity building of women, public awareness and finance, administrative and cultural affairs.
“Our legal section reviews and address women-related cases as violence cases against women in city as well as in all Kabul districts,” Mrs. Altaf said, adding that the respective section could only review and address violence cases rather than criminal.
Pointing to capacity building and public awareness section of the department, Mrs. Altaf said that various classes of capacity building as computer, English language learning courses as well as internet were held for women and girls in Bagh-e-Shahr Aara in Kabul city.
She added that women could also receive training in the field of food-processing, needlework and handicrafts soon after they were registered and introduced to the program funded by Indian government.
Provincial chief of women affairs for Kabul further says in cultural section the department is cooperating closely with ministry of information and culture and Kabul municipalityfor holding various programs as music, theater and handicrafts exhibition. She added that the section was also responsible for greening, irrigation and taking care of the Shahr-e-Aara garden.

Pointing to Promote program funded by USAID, provincial chief of women affairs for Kabul said: “Afghan women receive three-month training in the field of ‘Women’s Leadership Development (WLD), Women in Government, Women’s Civil Society Organizations and Coalitions (Musharikat) and Women in the Economy (WIE) programs’.” Mrs. Altaf further said that only the leadership section of the program was operation in Shahr-e-Aara garden.
It is worth mentioning that Promote is a five-year program targeting the education, promotion, and training of Afghan women. Promote strengthens women’s participation in civil society, boosts female participation in the economy, increases the number of women in decision making positions within the Afghan government, and helps women gain business and management skills.
Provincial chief of women affairs also by pointing to key challenges facing the department said that the key challenge of Afghan women in particular the department was security as the department could not address challenges and problems facing women in remote areas of Kabul’s districts. At the end of the interview, Mrs. Latifa Altaf asked ministry of women affairs to shift provincial department of women affairs from Shahr-e-Aara garden to outside somewhere in Kabul city as the garden is a recreational place for women.
Shukria Kohistani

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