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Afghan women invest $70 mln over the last eighteen years

The in-charges for women chamber of commerce and industries said 300 factories have been established over the last one year.
The entity’s figures suggest that women have invested over $70 mln in Afghanistan after the Taliban regime’s collapsed.
According to figures, Afghan women have so far established 1100 companies and production producing looms.
“We have seen many differences over the last three years. Earlier 650 businesswomen have been registered in our database. Last year, 830 and now 1150 businesswomen are registered in our database,” head of trade development services for women chamber of commerce and industries Parwaresh Oryakhil said.
‘Taranom Style’ is one of production looms in the capital Kabul that produces female cloths and different types of handicrafts.
The factory’s in-charges say they have started their work two years ago and currently they are running two big stores and also use online shopping to sell their goods.
In fact, there are many problems before these women, but women chamber of commerce and industries says that however, the women are facing with many problems, but they are making effort to be successful in their business.
A number of provinces such as Ghor, Paktia, Laghman and Uruzgan are among the provinces where the women have not visibly invested in.
Currently, lack of raw-materials is among the great challenges the factories are facing with. A number of entrepreneur women told The Kabul Times that lack of access to raw-materials is a great challenge before them, asking the women chamber of commerce and industries to help them out in this regard.
“We appreciate the women talents. They have considerably grown over the last eighteen years. They work in the government administrations and play role in political issues. A number of women are engaged in producing handicrafts through which they financially support their families,” a female entrepreneur Habiba said.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.