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Afghan soil not a threat to anyone: Defense Minister

KABUL: Acting Defense Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, in an exclusive interview with Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) said, “we assure all our neighbors and the world that Afghan soil will not be used against any other country.” He denied allegations of terrorist hideouts in Afghanistan, saying the allegations were baseless and untrue. Previously, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had said in an interview with a foreign television channel that leaders of terrorist groups are coming to Pakistan from Afghanistan.
Mujahid added that the harassment and killing of some security officials of the previous government by IEA forces is also false and is being propagandized to create mistrust among the people.
Talking about those who have left the country due to various reasons, Mujahid called upon them not to become tools of intelligence by becoming a part of ISIS, Resistance or any ethnicity. Get back to the country, share your efforts and serve your people as one united nation. If you oppose the government, or flee away, it will be a betrayal with your country and people. We must have a pure commitment to our holy religion, nation and country to serve well with sincerity and honesty. We strongly believe that Afghanistan will be one of the most prosperous country in the region.
We said on the first day, don’t leave the country, we are providing job opportunities to everyone here including former Afghan army personnel in their respective fields. Recently, five pilots came back, I met and assured them that they are our brothers and continue their respective jobs.
While talking about the strength of Afghan national army, Mujahid said that we are working on a hundred and ten thousand army in the first phase, 10,000 have been professionally trained while more than 80,000 have been registered to be part of Afghan national army. This is our current decision, later with the passage of time, need, circumstances, interests and development of the country, we may take decision to increase the amount. I hope we will have the most powerful independent army in the region who could to defend the country’s borders.
Answering a question about the planes transferred to neighbor countries, the acting Defense Minister said, “We are trying to get back the planes that were taken abroad with the coordination of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Adding that these planes belong to Afghans, no one can take them away, we have all the lists, everything is registered. There is no need of clash, as it is our property, we want a peaceful solution in this regard.
Mujahid added that the military vehicles that were destroyed or displaced, we have been repairing and reorganizing them. We are also working on our air force, forty helicopters have been fixed while 10 others are under work.
According the recent decision of US president about frozen assets, Mujahid said that it is not acceptable to any Afghan, even the Americans themselves have condemned it. They should reconsider this decision. Paying and compensating 9/11 victims with Afghans’ asset after 20 years while no Afghans were involved in the attacks is illogical.
Leaving a message to the Afghan people at the end of his interview, Mujahid said, “Afghanistan has suffered a lot, people were martyred, houses were destroyed and lots of miseries took place, now come and work in your professions whether you are a doctor, a businessman, a civilian or a military member. As your job is to serve your people in your department while my job is to provide you a peaceful and secure environment and geography. If there is any danger, come and contact us, we should not be deceived in the name of ethnicity and parties to please the enemies of Afghanistan.
Sayed Naseem Sadaat

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