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Afghan refugees still facing dire situations in neighboring countries

In the past few months, thousands of Afghan refugees have been forcibly deported from Pakistan to Afghanistan without any possessions. The forced deportation of Afghan refugees from the neighboring countries is still ongoing. Thousands of Afghan refugees have experienced forced deportation with no possessions to transfer to Afghanistan. Those who have been faced with forcibly deportation have expressed sorrow over leaving with minimal belongings, underscoring the uncertainty that lies ahead. In a significant move in regional immigration policies, Pakistan’s interim government initiated the deportation of over 1.7 million undocumented Afghan immigrants in November. The United Nations and the International Rescue Committee said that nearly half a million Afghans have been forcibly returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan in the past two months alone. Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, Abdul Salam Hanafi, has highlighted the staggering figure of 8,00,000 Afghan refugees deported by Pakistan and Iran. In the meantime, in his recent remarks, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Interior of the Islamic Emirate urged for international standard treatment of Afghan immigrants, particularly emphasizing the difficulties during the harsh winter months. Despite calls from various international organizations and the Islamic Emirate urging Pakistan to halt the forced deportations, the Pakistan government persists in its policy, disregarding the appeals. In response to the unfolding crisis, organizations such as the World Food Program and Afghanistan’s respective administrations have announced aid initiatives for returning refugees, seeking to alleviate the challenges faced by those forcibly repatriated. The intention of expulsion and forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan has faced Afghans with an uncertain future, which is unjustified and will result in deprivation, if not starvation, for many of them. Apart from being inhumane, this expulsion is also contrary to the ties of brotherhood that Pakistan claims binds the Afghans with its own people. The Islamic Emirate’s response in providing all necessary facilities for returnees is appreciable. For example, the IEA has announced full support and assistance to those who are forcibly deported by Pakistan as various ministries are working to take care of their accommodation and food and finding ways for their permanent resettlement of the returnees. As the people of Afghanistan are facing with poor economic situation and most of them are suffering from poverty, hunger, and even some do not have shelter to live in; therefore, they cannot bear the pressure of the cold season of winter. On the other hand, those Afghan refugees who are facing forced deportation from Pakistan and Iran and returning to their home country will also be facing new problems in the winter season. Thus, it is necessary for the Islamic Emirate to take more serious measures to prevent winter problems, assess the challenges that arise in the winter season, and make efforts to provide needy families with more winter facilities. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.