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Afghan refugees’ situation still critical

Recently the cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate discussed the issue of the Afghan refugees in its 13th meeting. In the meeting, the commission of refugees’ affairs was instructed to take serious steps to address the challenges facing thousands of refugees and provide them with work opportunities. Meanwhile, a meeting of the political commission of the Islamic Emirate, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, also discussed the issue of Afghan refugees. Also, relations between Afghanistan and other hosting countries were another agenda discussed in the meeting. The discussion, besides issues relating to the refugees, also, focused on addressing their problems, after returning home. Indeed, such meetings to discuss the issue of the Afghan refugees, particularly, after their return to their homeland, is very effective and helpful, but the most important issue is still economic challenges. Thousands of Afghan refugees deported by Pakistan complained that they don’t have access to basic needs and called on the Islamic Emirate to provide them with shelter to spend the harsh winter. They are still in dire need of shelter, food and other needed items during the ongoing cold climate. A number of shelters have recently been built by some individuals who have collected money from thousands of charitable individuals, mostly from those residing abroad, but their built houses are apparently of the lowest quality and feared to collapse even in a small earthquake. The government’s related organs should prevent such recklessness of similar individuals or groups, as they are not working for the nation, but for themselves. Anything for the welfare of the refugees should take place under a legal framework. Not only the Islamic Emirate but also the charitable organizations, and national and international traders should join hands and do their best to cooperate with the returning Afghans. They should even collect money and transparently distribute among the returning families.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.