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Afghan refugees facing growing challenges

Migration is an accepted phenomenon in today’s world as people usually move or migrate from one country to another to reach their ideal life. The first destination for migration has been the neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan and Iran, but there have been lots of Afghans left for EU member countries and the U.S.
Today, Afghans who are living as refugees almost in each country of the world are facing with various problems and challenges. A large number of Afghan refugees are living in unknown and vague destiny as cases of most of them are either rejected or put on hold as EU has been engaged in Ukrainian refugees.
For example, cases of one out of three Afghan refugees have been rejected in Belgium as security is maintained in most areas of Afghanistan, where the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has full control, which is a clear reason that there’s no fighting anymore.
In Germany, those who have newly entered the country don’t need to apply for immigration as they are given an immigrant visa prior to entering the country. One of the main problems Afghan refugees are facing in Germany is the language and lack of interpreters. Besides, lack of residential houses or apartments is another problem facing Afghans in EU member countries, particularly Germany.
In recent weeks, Afghan refugees have been forced to move out of the homes provided to them by the German government that plans to relocate the Ukrainian refugees who have recently entered the country in these houses.
In Greece, those Afghans who have illegally crossed Turkiye to Greece are deported back to Turkiye. There are still differences between Greece and Turkiye. In general, Afghan refugees are facing with various problems and challenges in various parts of the country.
In recent days, Iran has announced it will start census of Afghan refugees in the country. The country’s new plan has both economic and security dimensions as a number of Afghans enter the country withholding the Iranian visa, while hundreds of others enter the country illegally. Afghanistan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates is planning to send a delegation to Iran to discuss problems facing the Afghan refugees in the respective country.
In Pakistan, millions of Afghan refugees have been living for years. Afghan refugees’ condition is not satisfactory in Pakistan as well.
There’s no positive vision over the presence of refugees in the country. Generally, Afghan refugees are not treated in a proper way and most countries usually ignore to respect human rights, particularly the rights of refugees.
At the end, it is worth mentioning that high-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) have repeatedly asked all those who have recently left the country to return home and live in a peaceful environment. A number of Afghans have recently returned home, but it is time for all Afghan refugees to return home to serve the country.

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