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Afghan prisoners in Iran should not be treated beyond law

Reports said that an Iranian judicial delegation has recently arrived in Kabul and discussed issues focusing on Afghan prisoners in the neighboring country. In a meeting with the Iran’s high-ranking judicial delegation headed by Kazem Gharib Abadi, the secretary of the High Council for Human Rights of Iran, the Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Ministry of Justice Mawlavi Abdul Ghani Fayeq discussed the transportation of Afghan detainees from Iran. Kazem Gharib Abadi said that his country was committed to transferring Afghan prisoners from Iran to Afghanistan as well as providing facilities to Afghan refugees in his country. The Iranian delegation reiterated the need for ensuring continued connections between the two countries in judicial, legal and consulate areas. Considering the mass number of Afghans living in his country, Gharib said it was important that the judicial system of both countries be in continued contact. For his turn, the Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Justice Minister Mawlavi Abdul Ghani Fayeq urged Iran to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate in various fields, particularly on issues relating to the Afghan prisoners in Iran. Indeed, relations between Afghanistan and its neighboring countries have a deep and long history and if considered and respected all bilateral issues would be addressed and nothing would remain harmful to the friendly ties between the two sides. Keeping thousands of Afghans in detention in the neighboring ran, has no justification and persistence in imprisonment will cure no pain but lays negative impact on the two sides relations further than ever. Currently, more than 750,000 Afghans are studying in Iran, and the Iranian side confirms. They are mainly studying at primary and secondary schools as well as religious seminaries, besides several million others living as refugees in that country. So, the two countries can never interrupt relations with each other but both sides should strengthen work together for the welfare of both Muslim nations and do their best to avoid any tension possibly, fuelled by malicious groups.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.