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Afghan military getting stronger as recruiting grows

Tens of military cadets are joining the country’s national security forces, as the Islamic Emirate is making effort to have a powerful army and police to protect the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Military training centers have now become more active and operational than ever, with scores of newly graduated professional army and police cadets joining security ranks of the country within each three or four months.
Recently over three hundred military graduates have reportedly joined the country’s security forces as commandos.
After four months of religious and military training, the cadets graduated from Al-Fatih 1st commando Battalion of the Ministry of National Defense.
The graduates are trained enough to be capable of defending the country under all circumstances.
The acting Defense Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has previously said that Afghanistan needed a powerful army and the plan was underway to shape it.
Likewise, army troops and commandos left their jobs or left for some neighboring countries, following an immediate political change, after the arrival of the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, are now gradually returning home and joining the country’s security forces ranks.
This is good news for the whole countrymen that the previous army and police troops are warmheartedly joining their duties and regularly receiving military practices, as they are familiar with the country’s geography and understand how to help the newly joining mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate get known the entire lands and strategic regions of the country.
Having a religiously and militarily trained security force, would help the country fight all kinds of insurgency and prevent insecurity emanating from some certain malicious circles.
So, a patriotic approach by both ordinary countrymen and the security forces and close coordination between them, can overcome many of the country’s security problems.
The entire countrymen are asked to take part in the country’s national army and police ranks as well as intelligence.
On the other hand, a close coordination among the security institutions would also help ensure full security in the country’s big cities and prevent all corrupt elements linked with some armed groups and those spiteful individuals disturbing stability and comfort of the citizens countrywide.
The international community should also understand the current realities of Afghanistan and do its best to cooperate with the war-affected nation to stand on its feet both military and economically, as the Islamic Emirate is committed to take in mind the interests of the world countries besides not willing to interfere in others’ affairs nor allowing others to interfere in its internal affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.