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Afghan govt. should not be sidelined in peace talks

The Afghan government should attend as soon as possible in negotiations that its aim is ending of war in Afghanistan.
As countries that recognizing Afghanistan officially, the US and Saudi Arabia and help it should consider a seat for Afghanistan in negotiation with Taliban and also those countries have influence on Taliban and beside the US diplomats negotiate with them, should not forget that Afghanistan is not a geography sans government.
The UAE and Saudi Arabia have embassy in Kabul, without doubt, the army of Pakistan is in favor of marginalizing of government of Afghanistan.
The Rawal pendi generals are making effort to keep Afghanistan as a state sans of order and government, but the other countries should prepare the ground for presence of Afghan government in negotiation with Taliban.
In collaboration with those countries have influence on Taliban, the US should pave the way for presence of government of Afghanistan in meeting with Taliban that aims ending of war in this war-torn country. If the government of Afghanistan have no effective and decisive part in negotiating table for ending of war, the legality of 17 years efforts of international community in Afghanistan come under question.
The international community funded the formation of government institutions in Afghanistan.
The UNSC and great powers such as Russia and China are the permanent members of this council and they confirmed the NATO and US military mission in Afghanistan for institutionalization and war on terror.
Much international forums were held on Afghanistan that were attended by world and regional great powers. All these world efforts were made for strengthening of government institutions in this country.
The aims behind these efforts were formation of government and its enforcement.
The world paid the expenditures of elections in Afghanistan so that the institutions own electoral legality.
All these efforts come under question sans presence of government of Afghanistan in negotiations that aim ending of war.
If the government of Afghanistan have no presence in negotiations for ending of war, how the international community gives legality to its efforts in Afghanistan?
Another issue that the great powers and international community should consider is enforcement of institution of government of Afghanistan before and after reaching to agreement in connection with ending of war in Afghanistan.
The government remains powerful in a time that based on constitution the order be protected in Afghanistan.
The discussions such as interim administration and its imposing on Afghanistan harms order stems from constitution. When order based on constitution be eliminated the institution of government faces with serious weakness, collapse and disorder. When this situation to be serious all humane and financial expenditures of international community are lost. Based on the same, all great powers of the world and regional ones should lay emphasize on enforcement of order based on constitution of the country.
Any part who has no agreement with constitution of Afghanistan can lay its proposal on negotiating table based on its adjustment. The constitution also should be adjusted that the order based on the law not to be harmed.
This is in a time that this adjustment taken place on the basis of mechanism is enshrined in it.
If formation of administration and so on be set forth in negotiation for ending of war, the government of Afghanistan should seriously refute it.
The order based on constitution should be red line of negotiation.
Every part which regards Afghanistan as its homeland should be in favor of using of force and taking of power through it.
Another point that should be mentioned is this that either government or parties, civil society, media, women rights activists and other social institutions should be in contact continuously and consultation should be given from them.
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