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Afghan govt. decisive in protection of civilians’ life

A new report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said about 4,000 Afghan civilians lost their lives in 2018, including a record number of children, adding militant outfits, particularly the Taliban and the Islamic State, were blamed for nearly two-thirds of civilian casualties (63 percent) in 2018.
According to the report, Afghan forces were held responsible for 14 percent, Americans for six percent of the collateral damage and thegovernment-backed armedgroups allegedly killed and wounded four percent of the civilians.
The UNAMA report said as the conflict escalated considerably, suicide bombings and related rebel assaults accounted for 42 percent of civilian casualties.More than 50 percent of casualties from suicide and complex attacks were caused by Daesh. “Among the dead were 927 children, the highest recorded number of boys and girls killed in the conflict during a single year, said UNAMA, which documented 3,804 civilian deaths and 7,189 injured.”
Meanwhile releasing a statement in response to UNAMA report, the Afghanistan National Security Council (NSC) said it had reviewed the UN report on civilian casualties released on Sunday, adding it would start investigation in this regard.
According to NSC, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have always did their best to prevent civilian casualties during military operations and the issue has always been stressed and followed. “To deceive the public minds, Taliban have always claimed they will prevent civilian casualties, but the mentioned report suggests that the group and other terrorist functions have never cared about the issue.”
Civilian casualties are one of the most painful aspects of conflicts in the region, in particular in Afghanistan. Non-combatants, mainly women and children, have sustained fatalities and injuries within decades in Afghanistan and the nascent democracy could not end this issue since the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist groups continue their fight against Afghan people and the government. 
The people, who are not in any way related to the conflict that takes their life, lose their lives in the most tragic manner, though they have every right to live alive. What the poor masses expect from a society or a state that they dwell in is the opportunities to live a happy life, unfortunately, there are many societies and states in the world that have not been able to provide that very basic requirement to their people. Afghanistan is one of the same societies.
Meanwhile the country’s enemies making effort to create horror and fear among the people, that is why they have always used public places including masjids as their shelter, a move has caused to rise civilian casualties. The terrorist functions even don’t care about their children and women and use them as shield.
The Afghan government has been and still assuring countrymen and women that they are working on some plans to change the war strategy in a bid to identify and suppress the enemy on one hand and decrease civilian casualties on the other.Afghans have always supported and cooperated with their security forces and these forces do their best to safeguard territorial integrity and people’s lives and honor.
The government of Afghanistan sparing no effort to provide safe and sound environment for the citizens.Therefore, Afghan people should be cautious enough not to fall for the bogus claim of the militants or the anti-government political circles, be it in or out of the country. The militants have a highly black record in killing civilians and their concern in this regard is to provoke the public sentiment against the government.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.