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Afghan forces far stronger than Taliban: US Defense Department

By: Suraya Raiszada

The US Department of Defense has said that Afghanistan has now a well-equipped and strong defense forces and at present, Afghan military forces are fighting the enemy on several fronts, the US Department of State has said.
Afghan experts believe that for the past 20 years, Afghan forces have received the necessary training and can withstand the enemy, and they are now stronger than the Taliban. But in the current situation, these forces must be equipped and supported further by the US.
They say that unfortunately, the fighting started by the Taliban in several parts of the country and during the period, Afghan forces have been able to liberate many districts again.
Afghan citizens also say war was not a solution and the Taliban will never win via military. They must sit at the negotiating table and stop propaganda wars as they have never people’s support.
They call on the politicians to unite, tolerate each other and give up ethnic issues for the survival of Afghanistan.
They also ask the United States not to leave Afghanistan alone in the current situation because the country needs their help.
Although they believe that the United States has promised to assist and equip the Afghan security forces, it is expected that under the current sensitive condition, the United States will not leave the Afghan government alone.
Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby told a news conference that the Afghan security and defense forces were far stronger than the Taliban.
Over the past 20 years, he said they and their allies have helped build the capacity of the security forces, which was very significant and that they have now a powerful air force, while the Taliban have nothing. “They have more troops and more modern weapons than the Taliban,” he noted.
The spokesman expressed hope that the neighboring countries and the region would work together to stabilize Afghanistan.
The Pentagon is making the remarks as US President Joe Biden announced at a White House media conference two days ago that he would end his troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31.
On the other, clashes between Afghan forces and the Taliban have intensified after the start of the foreign troops withdrawal in most provinces of Afghanistan.
The Afghan government has recently said that the security and defense forces of the country have recaptured 14 districts from the Taliban militants in recent weeks and that they are still working to retake all lost territories from the outfit.
While US President Joe Biden recently announced that he would complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by August 31, the Secretary of Defense announced that the responsibility for securing Hamid Karzay International Airport would handed over to the Turkish troops.
Earlier, the United States said that after their withdrawal from Afghanistan, 6,000 Turkish troops would be stationed at the Kabul International Hamid Karzai Airport.
According to US officials, 90 percent of US troops have been withdrawn since May 1, an assertion following the people of Afghanistan gratitude to the United States for long assistance.
They say that the United States has provided thousands of billions of dollars in aid for Afghanistan over the past 20 years, but leaving the US military forces at once will be too hard for this country, as they believe militancy will affect the whole region and world if assistances and supports for Afghanistan stopped, after foreign complete withdrawal.

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