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Afghan Film to celebrate 100th anniversary of Independence Day through festival in Kabul

By: Karima Malikzada

The Afghan Film Department in close cooperation with Afghanistan Cinema Artists Union has collected some films and will be displayed in Kabul on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day.
“The Afghan Film Department will take a significant part in celebration of the country’s Independence Day. We’ve produced two feature films: one is about the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day and the other is about King Amanullah Khan and Malika Suraya and for the first time, we’ll launch Afghanistan Cinema Festival, in which 100 movies of the country’s history will be displayed in Zainab Cinema and fine arts faculty of the department,” head of the Afghan Film Department Sahraa Karimi said.
Karimi said that for the first time, the department has started to produce 10 movies from cinema feature movies they had in the past.

“It is the first cinema festival launched by the Afghan Film department on the eve of 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day and will be held from 5 August – 12 August in Zainab cinema, which has been re-operated and will be open for the whole week to all,” Karimi added.
According to director of the Afghan Film, on the eve of 100th Independence Day of Afghanistan, a one-week film festival will be opened at the Zainab cinema hall where at least 100 movies will be displayed during the week.
Meanwhile, Sahraa Karimi said that most of the films selected to go on screen during the festival were from the Afghan Film archive.
“Let’s revive the culture of going to cinema. Let’s encourage the people – we must struggle in a way to create a new vision towards cinema and film industry in Afghanistan,” she said.
Related to further improvement of works at the Afghan Film department, Ms. Karimi said she held separate meetings with ambassadors of Egypt, India, Russia and Netherlands to Kabul, discussing how to improve and develop the cinema industry in Afghanistan. In the meetings, they all promised to cooperate with the department in this regard.
Pointing to SAARC Film Festival, director of the Afghan Film said that in the past only two films had been nominated for the festival, but fortunately this time Afghanistan would display five movies in the festival which would be held in future.
Meanwhile, director of Afghanistan Cinema Artists Union Jawanshir Haidari says owing to invitation by the general directorate of administrative affairs, the Afghan Film department and Afghanistan Cinema Artists Union are responsible for producing two films in order to be displayed at Zainab cinema hall on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day.
It is worth mentioning that some of the films which will be displayed reflect Afghanistan’s film industry in the past four decades and some are from the past 18 years.

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