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Afghan delegation’s visit to Turkiye and expectations

Last week, a high-ranking delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, went on a trip to Turkiye. The Afghan delegation had official meetings with a number of Afghan and Turkish traders and government officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkiye, and discussed some important bilateral issues. The Afghan delegation also held a meeting with Nail OLPAK, Chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkiye (DEÝK), in Istanbul, the capital of Turkiye. In the field of foreign trade, this non-governmental board was established in 1985 and has successful experience in investing in various fields in about 150 countries. In addition to the economic and trade issues, a discussion has been held on building infrastructural buildings, extraction and processing of mines, agriculture, electricity, creation of railway, producing food and drugs, communication, business and tourism. In the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar invited Turkish traders to invest in Afghanistan and assured necessary facilities will be provided to them. Indeed, good relations, including trade and economic issues between the two Islamic countries, will help both nations develop and ultimately result in the official recognition of the Islamic Emirate. As the deputy Prime Minister said, now is the time that Afghan traders and investors can return and resume their work without any fear in the country. The people of Afghanistan expect both the Islamic system and all Afghan traders based in foreign countries to talk for the development of the country through the return of all businessmen home and their resumption of investment in their own country as with the establishment of a strong and central system, the ground has been paved for the investment for all domestic and foreign investors. Recently dozens of investors from various countries have invested in different fields in the country. The visit of the Islamic Emirate high-ranking delegation to Turkiye will lay very good results, and this is because Turkiye is a member of the 20 largest economic countries (G20), its economic situation is good, and it is not involved in regional issues and President Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party has friendly relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Following the restoration of countrywide security, the real fight against corruption and drugs and some other important issues, now the Islamic Emirate needs to restore broad political and economic relations with the countries of the world and the region. More efforts should be made and priority should be given to those countries which, apart from competing with the West, are also interested in involvement in regional issues and have a good economic situation, and now Turkiye is such a country. In addition, Turkiye can significantly help in strengthening international interaction with the Islamic Emirate. So the Afghans are very happy with the good interaction between the two Islamic countries and expect the positive engagement to develop and help the country strengthen its economy as well as to encourage other world countries to enter similar deals which will ultimately result in Afghanistan’s recognition by the international community.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.