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Afghan companies producing quality products

Afghanistan has banned lowquality imports from regional and neighboring countries. This comes amid of increasing efforts being made by the country’s manufacturing companies to produce quality projects so that the people use domestic products rather than foreign products. In the past almost two years, considerable steps have been taken towards using domestic products in national level. In early Jan of the current year, the cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate approved the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for promoting and using the country’s domestic products in national level. In the past almost two years, the Islamic Emirate has continually supported the private sector as well as the country’s manufacturing companies in promotion of using the locally-produced products in the country. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) has said that all necessary efforts have been made to promote local products in the country. In most recent steps, the country’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment has banned low-quality imports from regional and neighboirng countries. Mohammad Yunus Mohmand, head of ACCI, has said that low-quality commercial goods will no longer be imported into Afghanistan. Speaking to participants in opening ceremony of the Imam Abu Hanifa International Exhibition held the other day, head of the ACCi said that everything which was imported from other countries into Afghanistan should be in accordance with the standards, adding that the decision has been made to protect the interests of the Afghan consumers and producers. The Imam Abu Hanifa International Exhibition was inaugurated on Saturday in Kabul, with the participation of more than 200 Afghan companies and traders. The exhibition aims to promote Afghan products and services in various sectors, such as agriculture, industry, handicrafts, food, health, education and tourism. The exhibition also provides a platform for networking and business opportunities among the participants and visitors. It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) is the largest private sector organization in the country, representing more than 50,000 members from different provinces and sectors. The chamber provides various services and facilities to its members, such as advocacy, arbitration, training, information, trade fairs and exhibitions. The chamber also works closely with the government and other stakeholders to improve the business environment and attract more investment in Afghanistan. Currently, the population much prefers to use the locallyproduced products in the country, but both the private sector and the Islamic Emirate should work closely to further promote using domestic projects in national level. The local manufacturing companies should be also urged to pay particular attention producing quality products to their consumers in the country. There are hundreds of major and small manufacturing companies operating in four zones of the country. Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.