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Afghan children, women real victims of ongoing war in Afghanistan

By: Suraya Raiszada

Officials for Afghanistan state ministry of peace affairs say the government is committed to protection of the rights and future of children and respecting all Islamic and ethical principles in war to protect them as the children and women are the real victims of ongoing war in the country.
State minister of peace affairs Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi by pointing that Afghan children were suffering from ongoing war and violence in the country said civilians particularly children and women were the real victims of the continued war in Afghanistan and have sustained heavy casualties in the past four decades.
“State ministry for peace and reconciliation in consideration to current circumstances and needs has been able to hold a national think tank with participation of civil society and human rights activists to discuss vulnerability of children facing in ongoing war and violence,” Naderi said.
He said that continued war and violence has harmed not only the current generation but also the future of Afghan children, stressing that children were, in fact, the biggest human investment of a society. He added that parties to the ongoing conflict would face the mental and physical health of this big human investment with the continued war and violence in the country.
According to state minister for peace and reconciliation, currently dozens of thousands of children are working as laborers due to economical problems and continued war in the country. Naderi further said that the biggest harm Afghan children were enduring was their recruitment and exploitation by terrorist groups in war.
“For the past few, nearly 20 million Afghan children have been concerning over their future, showing a human catastrophe; therefore, the country’s state ministry for peace affairs is working to seek the attention of national and international organizations to further support and protect the rights of children,” Naderi said, stressing that the only way to address the problem and prevent from the catastrophe is ceasefire and ending the continued war in the country.
He added that Taliban should show in action that they were abiding by the protection the life, rights and future of Afghan children.
Meanwhile, deputy of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Zuhra Mathar Ahmadzai said that continued war and disorders in the country has seriously harmed the people particularly the country’s children.
“Afghanistan is an Islamic country and Islam has further valued the children. The Afghan children have seriously suffered from the continued violence in the country; therefore, they have turned to hard works to make a living, using drugs and other illegal acts,” Mrs. Ahmadzai said, asking the government and people to further work to protect the rights and future of Afghan children.
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission by expressing concern over life condition of Afghan children says it is the responsibility of the government and children support organizations to provide all necessary opportunities for Afghan children in the country.
“The only way of solution to prevent from harming the Afghan children is the permanent ceasefire,” said Benafsha Yaqoobi, a commissioner of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.
This comes amid reports saying that Taliban are exploiting the Afghan children in war.
Previously, Afghanistan Ministry of Interior had said that terrorist groups exploiting the Afghan children in battlefields. The ministry has launched various campaigns to prevent from recruitment of children in terrorist groups in the country.
In its recent report on vulnerability of children in the world, the United Nations has said more than 8,500 children have been recruited as child soldier in wars in various parts of the world where nearly 2,700 child soldiers have been killed in war during the past one year.





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