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Afghan cadres to be provided with job, Prime Minister

KABUL: The acting Prime Minister and Deputy PM for Political Affairs of the Islamic Emirate Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, met with the members of the consultative union of Afghan scholars and experts, who are living abroad, PM office said in a statement Tuesday. In the meeting, Engineer Mohammad Shahab and Hamedullah Sediqi spoke on behalf of others and said thain addition to Afghans the Muslims around the world are happy with the establishment of the Islamic system in Afghanistan, according to the statement. They shared their views in the field of economics, reconstruction and policy with PM Mawlavi Kabir. After decades of conflicts, for the first time, the ground has been paved for the development and prosperity of the country, the statement added. “Afghan investors and traders who are living abroad will be invited to come and jointly work for the progressive and development of the country,” the statement quoted Seddiqi as saying. Welcoming them, the Prime Minister said that those Afghan personalities who are interested in returning to the country will be welcomed by the Islamic Emirate and this is a place of hope and happiness that the Afghan social, political and academic personalities return and serve their people and country, the statement quoted. “Islamic Emirate is making efforts to provide Afghan cadres with job opportunities inside the country,” the statement concluded. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.