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Affected by consecutive droughts, Afghans welcome first snow

KABUL: Thousands of countrymen, overjoyed by recent snowfall, in the capital Kabul and other provinces of the country, went to the streets to warmly welcome and celebrate the first winter snowfall.
The country’s capital, Kabul, after consecutive draughts, was feared to face critical water shortage in the next 10 years.
Kabul residents now believed that their concerns about drought, water shortage and fatal air pollution have somehow reduced, as they joyfully see snowing outdoor, with the capital’s nearby hills and mountains covered with white snow blanket.
Scores of local and international media covered the great event of the natural bless inside and outside the country.
Afghans are not now worried very much about the future of their country, particularly the capital, because of seeing long snow shower that are predicated to continue until the next days and months of the current season.
The snowfall, if continued, would end drought and lead to the groundwater level increase in the war-torn nation.
“Continued snowfall causes ground water increase and help us grow various crops, as in the past, people faced harsh problems regarding water shortage in the country,” Rahimullah, a resident of Kabul’s Qargha locality who said was extremely happy with the natural bless, told The Kabul Times.
Apart from Kabul, some other provinces have also been witnessing promising snowfall since the last few days.
Meanwhile, some poor households struggle to heat up their rooms, when snowfall bring down temperature further then the past.
Harsh winter and heavy snowfalls possibly occurring in the future would affect thousands of displaced people, who mostly migrated to the capital Kabul and live under the tents.
Likewise, hundreds of Afghan social media users, by taking pictures from various snow-covered landscapes, in the capital Kabul and provinces and posting them at their facebook, twitter and Instagram pages, wanted to celebrate their joy and happiness about a promising future of their country.
The day-time air pollution mixed with fog, has recently increased in the capital, breaking out various diseases among the residents, particularly children, who were disparately waiting for the snowfall. Earlier, Afghanistan Environmental Protection Authority (AEPA) warned that the growing air pollution would convert to a catastrophe, unless the government put it on priority. Tens of thousands of people left their residences and wide number of livestock were perished, due to growing drought, in addition to war and insecurity, in most parts of Afghanistan. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.