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Advise children to play games on big-screen TVs instead of phones or tablets

With the modernization and mechanization of human life, electronic devices entered our homes more than before. In the old days, only one member of the family had a phone, but now not only adults, but also children have phones. About 65% of adults take their mobile phones to bed with them, which is harmful in terms of hygiene and maintaining health. It is definitely not possible to deny the usefulness of the phone, but if it is used excessively and incorrectly, in addition to problems and pains in the neck, back, etc., computer and phone radiation has much harm and damages to human eyes. Due to the radiation of harmful rays from the computer screen and phone, it causes fatigue and heaviness of the eyes. In addition, computer and phone radiation is harmful to the eyes, causing blurring of vision. Mobile phones are one of the most consuming devices that have electromagnetic waves. The light emitted from the screen of electronic devices has a direct effect on the regularity of sleeping hours. Due to not observing the proper distance while using the phone or computer and looking at their screen from close distances, with the passage of time, the damage of computer and phone radiation to the eyes increases and causes myopia disorder in the person. When playing computer games or reading digital novels…, due to high excitement and concentration, one blinks with long intervals, and as a result, the damage of the radiation affects the eyes and causes dry eyes, and finally burning, itching, and redness of the eyes. By observing some principles, it is possible to reduce the damage caused by radiation damage to the eyes; Including: The computer and phone are a machines and they can work for hours without stopping, but you are not a machine and you should rest your eyes for 20 seconds after looking at the screen of your phone or computer for 20 minutes and look at further distances. Blink constantly and in succession. This will keep the moisture in the eyes, and by keeping the eyes half open, less harmful rays will penetrate into the eyes. Try to always set the screen brightness to medium. Because in the case of low light, the pupil of the eye has to press itself to absorb light and it causes eye fatigue. Try to use large screens. Also, increase the size of the written lines to read the content easily. Advise children to run and play it on big-screen TVs instead of playing on phones or tablets. The computer screen should be slightly lower than your eyes and have a distance of 60 to 70 cm from your eyes. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.