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Addressing people’s problems IEA’s main responsibility, Mawlavi Kabir

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, said that addressing the people’s problems is the main responsibility of the Islamic Emirate. Addressing a gathering under the theme of “The role of scholars and tribal elders in strengthening relations between the nation and the system” Mawlavi Kabir said that the doors of all the offices of the Islamic Emirate are open to solve people’s problems and they can share their problems with the authorities without fear or consideration, according to a statement from Arg the other day. The gathering was attended by some members of the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate, religious scholars and elders from all provinces of the country, the statement said. Emphasizing on developing relations and reducing the distance between the Islamic Emirate and the people, the scholars and elders expressed their satisfaction with the rule of the Islamic system in Afghanistan, the statement added. “The Islamic Emirate had considerable achievements in the fields of implementation of reconstruction projects, eradicating corruption and drugs, and putting an end to the powerful and corrupt people,” the statement quoted the scholars as saying. Announcing full support and cooperation to the Islamic Emirate, the scholars assured that they would not allow anyone to stand against the Islamic system and asked the Islamic Emirate to hire Afghan expert cadres in the government organizations. The scholars also asked the Islamic Emirate to open the doors of education centers to women and girls and prevent the grounds of foreign intervention and conspiracy in Afghanistan. Considering the addressing people’s problems as the main responsibility of the Islamic Emirate, Mawlavi Kabir added that the Islamic Emirate has started the implementation of large development projects countrywide and by launching development projects Afghanistan will take a step towards progress and stability. Pointing to the conspiracies of the foreign countries, Mawlavi Kabir said that they will not allow any foreigner to occupy Afghanistan again and that they will stop the institutions that work against the system. “You should not be worried that the Islamic Emirate is in confrontation with the world to cause problems for Afghanistan. No, this is not the case. It may be clear to you that we had a problem with Iran regarding the Helmand water, which was solved through understanding,” said Mawlavi Kabir, adding that no resistance, including Daesh, has clear activities in Afghanistan, and all opposition and terrorist groups have been identified and suppressed in Afghanistan. The Deputy PM for Political Affairs according to the statement, went on as saying that in Afghanistan anyone, including Daesh, made conspiracies against the Islamic system, but the Islamic Emirate strongly fought against them and defeated them. Daesh was a threat not only to Afghanistan but also to the world and the countries of the region. Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Promoting Virtue, Preventing Evil, Mohammad Khalid Hanafi criticized UNAMA’s statements on the arrest of women and said that the organization should refrain from releasing unilateral and unfounded reports about Afghanistan. “UNAMA decides unilaterally. We tell UNAMA to take notes and refrain from this kind of unilateral decision and publication of reports in the future,” Hanafi said. Furthermore, the Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, said that under the pretext of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, the world wants to include those who are accomplices of foreigners in the government. “They talk of an inclusive government; I swear that they do not care about inclusiveness. They want their people to come. The Islamic Emirate is a people’s government, and after this, this process will be strengthened, but it will never be the way they want,” Khairkhwa added. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.