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Addressing media challenges government’s responsibility, Azizi

KABUL: The Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Art and Culture Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi, during the inauguration of a three-day seminar under the theme of “Background, Progress, Challenges and Solutions for Newspapers and National Languages”, said addressing media’s needs is the government’s responsibility. The seminar was attended by Director of Government Dailies Mawlavi Mohammad Ibrahim Nabeel, Director of the Kabul Times Daily Mawlavi Nik Mohammad Nikmal, some other government officials, ministry employees and a number of provincial correspondents. Speaking at the seminar, Mawlavi Azizi asked the newspapers to start a big series of reflecting horrors and crimes of the last twenty years in the country. “In order to keep newspapers alive and to become worthy of study, professional journalism, authentic pen, and strong talent should be used in writing the newspaper,” Azizi said. Referring to the importance of Newspapers, Mawlavi Nabeel said they are the backbone of all domestic media and the government should make efforts to address challenges facing newspapers and provide them will all the necessary facilities. “It seems that the media has not taken necessary steps towards its real goals, to be able to influence public opinion by publishing the facts and it is necessary not to go after the slogans spread by outsiders in the media and press field because they use the slogans to achieve their goals,” said Mawlavi Nabeel. Responding to a journalist’s question, Mawlavi Mohammad Ibrahim Nabeel said: “Despite pouring foreign aid during the previous governments, the printing of newspapers did not exceed 700 or 800 copies, but after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate, we printed 1,000 copies.” This is to be noted that a number of the ministry employees including the correspondents of the provincial information and culture department will be provided with necessary training in the media field within the three-day seminar. Nazir Muneeb

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.