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ADB to provide Afghanistan with $400 million in grant aid

File photo: A worker walks past inside the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters in Manila June 17, 2009. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has reminisced its $400 million grant to Afghanistan, and this comes as currently the people of Afghanistan greatly need this aid. The ADB said that it provided more than $400 million to Afghanistan over the last year, and these grants have been spent in this country through the United Nations programs. In addition, the findings of the ADB report show that Afghanistan and Pakistan have been severely affected by the increase in food and energy prices in 2022, and the crisis in these two countries has intensified due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The report states: “Afghanistan is a country that is on the brink of global poverty, and by 2022, the ADB has provided a $405 million grant through United Nations programs to help provide foodstuff and health services for the Afghan people”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy stated that the ADB has been one of the key supporters of infrastructure projects in the country over the past two decades. Abdul Rahman Habib, a spokesman for the MoE, told the media that the ADB has been one of the key supporters of infrastructural projects in the energy sector, transport, agriculture, and water development sources over the past two decades, and the resumption of its activities will create employment and improve the economic situation in the country. The findings of this report also show that drought and floods have challenged food security in Afghanistan and have caused food prices to increase. “We have to be provided with employment opportunities so that poverty decreases in the country. These donations are insufficient and cannot fulfill our other needs until employment is created,” said Mahmood, a resident of Kabul. According to his belief, families cannot meet their daily needs well. If the people are provided with foodstuff, the medical issues and other challenges of the poor families will have remained unaddressed. “Permanent work is essential for us, and 2-3 three young men and women from each family have to work to make money so that they can survive in this way. We cannot fulfill our needs with this one-day grant,” he further said. A number of economic experts believe that implementing development programs and infrastructure projects can reduce poverty and unemployment in the country. According to them, the government shall have poverty alleviation programs. Even though unemployment is the factor of all the misery of the Afghan people, no one works because of laziness. And even those who were engaged in agriculture lost their jobs due to the damage of drought and continuous wars in Afghanistan. The government programs on agriculture and supporting farmers shall be resumed. Also, attracting capitalists and investing in Afghanistan’s mining sector can be more effective for poverty reduction. Shaker Yaqoubi, an economist, expressed that implementing development projects, especially infrastructure projects, which can guarantee economic stability in Afghanistan, will be more effective. This approach will create more economic opportunities than ever and plays a significant role in Afghanistan. Based on the statistics provided by the ADB in 2022, 3,7 billion dollars from the program have been donated to increase food security in Asia and the Pacific Ocean, especially essential food aid for the needy, including women and girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This comes as OCHA Afghanistan stated previously that it will continue its grant to help the Afghan people. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.