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Acting Minister Haqqani urges Afghans to return home

KABUL: The country’s acting Minister of Interior urged all those Afghans who have left Afghanistan to return home and take part in the reconstruction of the country.
“This is a matter of pleasure that Afghanistan gained its full independence after more than 40 years. No one will face any security threat based on the IEA’s announced amnesty,” said Acting Minister Khalifa Serajuddin Haqqani, addressing the 13th graduation ceremony of 377 police cadets including 21 women.
He said the general amnesty, announced by IEA, was based on Islamic sharia not of political.
The IEA will uphold its commitment made in Doha, under which no country will be threatened from Afghanistan soil nor anyone would be allowed to meddle in the country’s affairs, said the acting minister who appeared for the first time before media.
“We have not appeared before media, but now appeared, in order to win your trust and to have you understood that you are valued for us,” Haqqani told media taking part in the ceremony to cover the event.
Referring to some countries’ criticisms about restriction on women rights, especially their work, Haqqani said a number of police members including women, have recently graduated from police academy. “I would provide three of you with jobs who have won first positions as soon as possible and instruct the remaining to be appointed within the ministry.” The acting minister added that no one, in 34 provinces of the country, has so far been reported to be facing problem forcing him/her leave the country.
A total of 377 police members, including 21 females, graduated from Kabul Police Academy, after four years of completing their studies. The graduates would be recruited to government departments. The country’s acting Interior Minister went on as saying about the ongoing house-to-house searches that the searches were being done in cooperation with the elders and religious scholars.
He called on the security forces carrying out the job to not cause disturbance and problems for the people.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.