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Academic environments should not be changed into violence centers

The academic environments such as universities and higher education institutions are famed as rational and logical atmosphere.
This means in academic environments the relations among human beings are based on rationalism.
Those human-beings who are working and living in academic centers, should establish their relations on the babsis of rationalism and logic. Such relations necessitate if some problems be occurred, they find a solution through negotiation and understanding.
The Islamic sample in the connection is this that holy Quran says: You should invite the people to the path of Almighty Allah through wisdom and good sermon and if it was necessary resort to good debate.
The academic centers and those who live in such environments should use abovementioned formula in their behaves with each other.
But unfortunately, four decades long violence in the country changed all these worthies in our society.
Today, instead of referring to wisdom, unfortunately, in our academic centers the issues are based on violence and clash and resorting to violence.
What occurred in last Thursday in Kabul university should be evaluated and discussed through this tri-angle.
The students of university who should be the sample of patience and logic not in their daily relations but in great and important issues of their society, in facing with problems they should resort to the principles based on wisdom and solve such issues through good sermons and debate and find a solution. They should not enlarge the slight issues into large ones and cause unrest in the level of society.
This event caused various analyses in the level of public opinion and media.
This great event stemmed from division of food items and was explained as tribal dispute and two groups of students who were belong to two tribes that lived for centuries like brother faced with each other.
Fortunately, after few hours, the situation came under the control of police and with dispatching of a delegation by presidential office and meddling of incharges in ministry of higher education and Kabul university, the ground was prepared for its solution.
But, at the same time, it is necessary the issue to be investigated and the possible overt and covert hands which were involving in the issue and stretched from outside of Kabul university be recognized and be cut so that the occurrence of such issues be prevented in the future.
Two lessons should be taken from this incident.
The first is this that unfortunately continuation of several decades of violence in the country among various segments of the society even among enlightened has been institutionalized and sometimes is appearing and creates some challenges and problems.
Second, unfortunately, the atmosphere of distrust among various tribes of the country that is propagated by some overt and covert elements.
Some domestic and foreign parties are making effort to deepen it, trouble water and fish for their own interest.
This issue is a great threat and can create some problems for our society.
It is necessary that as a great responsible and super managing power, the government and all parties and strata of the society especially cultural institutions which have more effect on public opinion should adopt measures to prevent from disputes based on tribe and segment of the society and struggle for protection and safeguarding of national interests and prevent from sabotage and any method that make our people dispures and sow the seed of disunity among them.
The people of Afghanistan are a united and unique nation.
The noble people of this country lived in co-existence beside each other for log and has no problem.
We should prevent those who are troubling the water and fish for themselves from it.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.