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A real champ place inside people’s hearts

Samir Mukhlis has born in 1372 solar year. He has graduated from engineering faculty. He is a free fighter and a champ of Pankration national team.
He is also head of interior ministry’s Pankration federation.
He said I had started Kong Fu for two years under supervision of Master Wahidullah Namazi in 1384.
As I had high physic, then, I started kickboxing and started its professional exercises, he further said.
12 gold medals are among his sport achievements in kickboxing field.
“I have started Pankration in 1390. It has been five years that I am the champ in 71 kg,” he added.
17 gold medals are among my achievements in this field, he went on to say.
About his foreign competitions, he said, I had attended a competition hosted by India in 2015, during which I could get a gold medal.
About specifications of a champ he said, “A reach champ place inside people’s hearts. A champ should be patient and a role model in the society.”
Athletes create happiness for their people, as through sport, they have hoisted the country’s flag worldwide and proven to the world that Afghan athletes enjoy high talent in sport field, he continued.
Athletes should not resort to narcotics, he added.
Athletes are facing with lots of problems, he said, adding however, I am a champion and member of national team, I personally have had a foreign trip in five years.
He said I don’t have any demand from the related administrations and traders, because, they never heard us. I only do sport for my people’s happiness, he stated.
At the end, he said a champ should not have discrimination and should be responsible before his/her country.
Nangialay Osmani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.