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A huge blow to IS terror group

US. special operations forces killed the leader of the Islamic State militant group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, during a raid in northwestern Syria, U.S. President Donald Trump announced Sunday morning. 
“Last night, the United States brought the world’s No. 1 terrorist to justice,” Trump said at the White House Sunday, noting that the United States had suffered no casualties during the operation. “The world is now a much safer place.”
President Ghani also applauded the US operation in Syria, calling al-Baghdadi’s death a huge blow to the terrorist groups in Syria and Afghanistan.
“Terrorist groups targeting our innocent people on daily basis. Death of al-Baghdadi would not only help reduce terror acts in Afghanistan, but also in the whole world,” the statement said, adding the only way forward is to collectively fight and address the ugly menace of terrorism in the world.
But while Baghdadi’s death marks a blow to the group, the Islamic State still poses a threat in Syria, particularly since hundreds of its fighters and their family members escaped detention during a Turkish-backed incursion this month that upended months of relative calm in the northeastern part of the country, officials and experts said.
The militant group has caused heavy civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria and has even gained foothold in Afghansitan and carried out many deadly attacks in the country, mainly on Shiite community, aiming to bring about sectarian war in the country.
Death of the IS leader could be a great achievement for the world in war on terror, but much more needed to address the issue of terrorism and extremism in the region and world. As per President Ghani’s remarks, a collective approach needed to curb terrorism and freeze their financial sources.
The world will have to fully eradicate IS in Syria and let not it extend its realm of power in other countries and threaten the world. In nutshell, the radicalization and toxin it spews forth should be rooted out as soon as possible so as not to poison larger number of people.  
To view the escalated militancy in the region, all countries have to play their role genuinely in campaigning against terrorism. Indeed, all living in the “global village” and a country’s security situation will affect the regional security.
Therefore, if a country neglects its role, the entire region will bear the consequence. So, all states, including that of the west need to prove their sincerity in fighting terrorism for the world. It is further believed that if all states take concrete step in this regard, the ragtag networks of terrorists will not be able to win the conflict and the ongoing violence will come to an end in the near future.
There is no doubt that Afghan security forces have kept on gaining strength in the last few years and chasing terrorists across the country, however they have given much sacrifices in the war on terror.
Being in front line of war on terror, Afghan forces should be further equipped and supported. With the changing nature of the war, it is necessary that they must be prepared and equipped to further suppress the IS militants in Afghanistan and help improve the security in the war-torn country as well as that of the region and world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.