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A glance at life of Shaheed Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour

Jihadi & political activities of Shaheed Mullah
Akhtar Mohammad Mansour:

Following Afghanistan’s invasion by Soviet Union in 1978, the people of Afghanistan started Islamic resistance against the then communist regime and the invaders. Mansour was 11 years old when Jihad was announced against the invaders. As a brave and young Afghan mujahid, Mansour joined the Islamic resistance and Jihad against the communist regime and Soviet Union’s invaders to defend his religion and country. He used to receive Islamic studies sometime during the year and when he had finished with studies, he went to joint jihadi units to fight against the invaders in the country. In 1985, Mansour chose former Jihadi commander Azizullah’s unit as his jihadi stronghold in Kandahar’s Panjwayee district and continued his jihadi activities against the then communist regime and Soviet Union invaders in the district’s Pashmol area under direct supervision of the then famous jihadi figure Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, who was later appointed as deputy prime minister of the Islamic Emirate in Kabul. The Martyred Qari Azizullah unit or front was affiliated to jihadi figure late Mawlavi Mohammad Nabi Mohammadi’s Harakate-Inqilab e Islami Organization. After martyrdom of Qari Azizullah, the unit was led by Mullah Haji Mohammad Akhund and lat er affiliated to jihadi leader Mawlavi Mohammad Younus Khalis’ Islamic Movement Organization. In Kandahar, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was actively taking part in jihad and resistance against the Soviet Union’s invasion and their domestic supporters. In 1987, once Mullah Mansour sustained serious injuries following an operation on invaders’ strategic center in Sanzari area of Kandahar’s Zerai district. Thanks to God that he recovered of his injuries. In May 1997, Mullah Mansour was injured for the second time during the Islamic Emirate’s reign in Mazar-eSharif’s airport and was later imprisoned by the armed opposition group. After the communist regime fell to the hands of mujahidin in 1992 and civil war started in the country, Mullah Mansour, along with other mujahidin in his unit, laid their arms and did not support any fronts or jihadi organizations. Mansour had got good name during jihad and resistance against the Soviet Union’s invasion; therefore, he was well-known mujahid and jihadi figure. Like other jihadi figures and military commanders as late Mullah Mohammad Rabbani, Martyred Mullah Mohammad Akhund and Martyred Mullah Borjan returned to normal life and engaged in some academic and learning activities. When the Taliban Islamic Movement was established by Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid in 1994, Martyred Mansour, along with Shaikh Mawlavi Shabuffin Delawar and famous instructor late sayed Quraish Baba, were studying in Aminia Madrasa in Hejrat Kalai of Peshawar’s Jalazai refugee camp where there were lots of Taliban from the south-western zone. When they heard of the news of the Taliban Islamic Movement in media, they started consultation and dispatched some colleagues including Mullah Mohammad Qasim Akhund and Mullah Abdul Salam to Kandahar to find out and see the situation. The group met with the movement’s leader and other relevant officials in Kandahar and came with facts to report their colleagues. When heard this, Mullah Mansour and his other colleagues headed to Kandahar. When they arrived that night in Spin Boldak, the Taliban had captured Takhtapul and headed to capture Kandahar provincial capital. In Spin Boldak, Mullah Ahktar Mansour and his colleagues held internal meeting to select their leaders to join the Taliban Islamic Movement In the meeting, most of the participants whose services within the Islamic Emirate will be always remembered were Sadr Mohammad Ibrahim, current governor of Helmand Mullah Abdul Manan Niazi, former head of Kandahar airport Mullah Mohammad Qasim Akhund, former commander of Shindand airport Mullah Abdul Salam Mahbour, former governor of Helmand Mullah Mohammad Naeem Akhund, former governor of Zabul Mawlavi Matiullah and other selected Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as their leader and commander and they all joined the Taliban Islamic Movement. To be Continued

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