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A glance at life and report card of Amanullah Khan

By: The Kabul Times

Additionally, the conservatives committed a series of tactical mistakes.
In amusements for pursuance of terror, they didn’t succeeded to take in their hands the initiative of healthy probing of crime.
In Jalalabad, Nasrullah hurriedly proclaimed his kingdom and carelessly forget to consult with tribal dignitaries.
These mistakes were as powerful weapon handed over to Amanullah Khan psychologically and politically. He introduced himself as lawful king of Afghanistan and the last colleagues of Emir were known as suspects and asked for investigation of issues belong to assassination of the king.
Thanks to personal fame, Amanullah owned the support of Barakzais and army because of increment of salaries of soldiers and officers.
Likewise, he was proclaimed as the Emir of royal system of Afghanistan (21-22 Feb. 1919).
To confirm it, he proclaimed that his order legality and sovereignty are stem from Afghan nation determination.
In his first statement, the new Emir addressing nation and army, internationally he omitted any religious assertion from his statement.
One of the first measures was adopted by him was the order of arresting of his uncle and majority of colleagues of Habibullah and restrain them till the result of investigation of terror be known.
This itself was a clearly move that mobilized the leaders of conservative forces even the moderate ones.
A great number of members of companion families from among them was Commander in Chief of Army, Nader Khan that were recognized innocent as soon as possible and were freed.
Nasrullah was died in jail. After complete taking the control of all country, Amanullah proclaimed the complete independence of the country that was resulted into the third Anglo-Afghan war.
Despite of all of these, various schools of thought, we should search the occurrence and creation of third Anglo-Afghan war in promotion of Afghan nationalism and movement of social and political expectations.
In his first statement of proclamation of monarchy, he promised to the nation the complete independence of the country. It was more worthy for him. This promise had important role in attraction of public opinion support of Afghans in the benefit of him.
Based on the same, he was capable to attract the support of conservatives and instruct nationalism in the course of modernism.
He was committing either by negotiation or via military force to gain complete independence of Afghanistan.
In 1919 no ruler sans commitment and being bound to complete independence of Afghanistan to exert power.
SYCS wrote: because of extraordinary services rendered by Habibullah, the independence of Afghanistan should be recognized after world war I. sans any delay. But, Emir lost his popularity because of his loyalty to our goals. It was possible to find it again and rescued from death. Without doubt, this tragedy caused the third Anglo-Afghan war to be occurred. The policy that Amanullah Khan was selected for gaining of complete independence was informing about an act which was did previously to Britain government in India and reported about taking the throne and proclamation of complete independence of Afghanistan.
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