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A century after independence

By: The Kabul Times

National sovereignty is one of government principles. As a high level of authority, the sovereignty is monopolized by government and grants executive power to all its institutions and as a great political power in the society and all parts of its fiefdom maintains government domination.
It is correct that government takes its executive authority and competence from legal system ruling in the society and constitution. But, sovereignty represented mainly the executive power of the government so that all its principles, regulations and instructions be implemented.
Establishment of national sovereignty is the prominent indicator of political independence of a country and with its implementation and execution of government instruction on the basis of hierarchy and legal principles, the national sovereignty is comprehensible to all individuals of society and the government followers believe objectively to the power of government.
When national sovereignty lacks existence of an independent government comes under question and with weakness of national sovereignty, stability and authority of government also becomes shaking.
Based on survey about sovereignty of government, if it was high, the latter domination would also be high in all sectors administrative units and the issue of independence would be comprehensible too.
As we know, the political history of the country has been full of adventures.
Long wars and continued instabilities caused the national sovereignty sustain harm in every chapter of history. But in some cases, based on imposed wars and taking power by insurgent groupings and their rule in the country that had and have supported from abroad and regional countries, the base of national sovereignty becomes shaky.
Now that the new chapter of government is ruling the country, the background full of disputes from one hand and imposed violences on the other, caused our national sovereignty be encountering with challenges and our security and stability be facing with strait.
This itself faces some opportunities with dangers and as a result the independence of the country becomes vulnerable.
This issue causes the concern of majority of our citizens that why we are failing to maintain stability in our own territory and people’s commuting taken place along with harassment inside of the country.
Extremists and insurgents face the life of people with objective threats and the standard of bloodshed changed into a matter of general concern.
Existence and activities of armed insurgent groupings and extremists are in contradiction with national sovereignty. Because, sans government security forces, no any forces are authorized to meddle in the issues related to people’s life. But, the situation ruling in the country permits the insurgents also to be active in a manner in territory of government and in contradiction with principles and laws of government to continue to their destructive activities against national interests.
This itself is a blow inflicted into national sovereignty and independence of the country that the government officials should adopt serious measures in the connection and establish national sovereignty in its full meaning.

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