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9th Death Anniversary of Amir-ul-Muminin Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid The legendary Leader

The Imam of Hearts and Great Ruler of Independence
In human history, the most powerful men with the help of their armies have destroyed many cities, killed hundreds of thousands of people and enslaved many others.
Yet, they have not ruled over the hearts of their people; instead, they lost everything after few days of apparent rule and domination and left a history as cruel and notorious figures to the future generations.
Some others were ruling on people, while having no financial or human strength at all, but instead of spreading fear and terror, they did interact with the people with love and instead of oppression, they maintained justice.
These great men ruled over the hearts of people for ages; therefore, they were introduced as great men to the future generations in the history.
Just three decades ago, when the former Soviet Union’s Red Army was defeated, following the unprecedented sacrifices of the brave Afghan people, many powerful men have tested failed experiences to gain power even by using force and oppression. To reach their satanic ambitions, they further hurt the oppressed nation and got nothing, except recording their names as cruel figures in the history.
On the other hand, a nameless and powerless student of a mud-made madrassa (religious school) standing against oppression, brought the nation love instead of terror, provided the society with unprecedented security instead of war and fighting, and presented the world a practical example of the Islamic system.
Therefore, he was titled in the history as the Imam of Hearts and won the great title of Amir al-Muminin.
Nevertheless, the infidel world having deep and unending enmity with Islam could not bear such a real Islamic system in a corner of the world, so with making various excuses they resorted to various means to overthrow the Islamic system.
Finally, in 2021, the U.S.-led infidel world invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the pure justice and stable system of the Islamic Emirate.
Although the Imam of the Hearts, Amir al Muminin, Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid, did not surrender to the respective great infidel force, he declared Jihad and started struggling against the invaders, and led the Jihad with firm determination and continued effort until it reached to the verge of victory.
Today, however, this great man is not alive, but his works and good records are still remembered and will have taught the lesson of freedom and independence to the future generations for hundreds of years and will be an example for them. May His Soul Rest in Heaven!
We wish the late Imam and the ruler of independence were alive today so that with his own eyes he would have seen the last straw of the arrogant world defeated by the movement he had started for the freedom, and with his own hands he would have put the shawl of independence on the beloved country’s bride of freedom!
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.