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8th Saur, Afghan people’s Jihad Victory Day against former Soviet Union marked

KABUL: Eighth Saur, considered as the Afghan people’s Jihad Victory Day, was marked in a ceremony attended by high ranking officials and directors of various departments of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) here in Kabul.
In the ceremony held with cooperation of Radio and Television of Afghanistan (RTA), Deputy of the Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi by considering the Eighth Saur as the history of freedom seekers and sacrifices said that the history day was gained as a result of martyrdom of 1.5 millions Afghan and migration of millions of others.
Mawlavi Hanafi called on those who have left for foreign countries to return home and take part in rebuilding and development of the country. He also insisted that Afghanistan did not want to interfere in internal affairs of other countries and would not let others interfere in internal issues of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, general director of the national radio and television of Afghanistan Mawlavi Ahmadullah Wasiq read out the statement of the Islamic Emirate issued on seventh and eighth Saur.
“Almost 44 years ago on seventh Saur, the communists took power through a coup in Afghanistan, which then faced with various catastrophes and misfortunes. Some puppets with the help and support of the Soviet Union’s red army perpetrated various crimes against the Afghan Muslim nation, beliefs and Islamic values to impose infidelity on the nation. But, thanks to Almighty Allah that our Muslim and Mujahid nation stood against the communism ideology and declared jihad against the Soviet Union which took 14 years,” the statement added.
In the ceremony, acting Minister of Interior Khalifa Mullah Sarajuddin Haqqani spoke and called the Afghans as a mujahid nation, asserting that all those who did try to colonize Afghanistan have failed to reach their goals in Afghanistan. He added that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has committed that Afghanistan would not pose threat to any countries, asking the regional and neighboring countries to come with a positive engagement with Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that eighth Saur is a day on which mujahidin toppled the communist regime led by Dr. Najibullah. After the mujahidin take over, Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujadidi was declared as the interim government leader of mujahidin.
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