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70 art works displayed in Kabul

KABUL: A total of 70 art works have been displayed in Kabul, in a bid develop the country’s national culture and to help girls over six grades grow their talent, after one year of their schools’ closure.
Displaying the artwork of women, according to the exhibition’s organizers, quoted by Tolonews
tv, was essential for the development of the nation’s culture and art.
Some of the participants in the exhibition are female students above sixth grade who turned to
70 art works displayed in Kabul painting after being denied an education.
“When our schools closed, we sought to expose our art to people in another way—the art of
painting and drawing,” said Zainab, a painter.
“The arts sector needs support, we ask the current administration to work with and support
us in the arts,” stated painter Rameen.

The exhibition’s goal, according to Mohammad Sami Sirat, director of the Expert Art Center, is to inspire women and promote painting culture.
“This exhibition is being held to highlight artistic abilities, particularly those of females, while schools are closed. They are looking for both education and the arts.
Fortunately, they learn quickly. The purpose of this exhibition was to highlight their creativity
and the works they produced,” said Sirat as quoted by the private tv. Many female students
have turned to artistic endeavors or handicrafts since the closing of girls’ schools above sixth grade.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.