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6-month salaries of martyrs, disables paid, ministry

KABUL: The Ministry of Martyrs and Disables said Sunday that about six-month salaries of martyrs and disables have recently been paid.
Shaikh Hakim Haqqani the Minister of Martyrs and Disables said that up to 70,000 families have recently been paid their salaries of six months.
“Without discrimination, all hires of martyrs and disables have received their salaries of up to six-month,” said the minister during the officials’ accountability program to the nation, the other day.
He said in order to provide transparency in the process, the ministry has reviewed the registration process and would remove fake individuals lodged in the lists of martyrs and disables, during the former government.
According to Minister Haqqani, the related officials would do their best to serve those eligible and deserved disables and the heirs of martyrs within the law, all over the country.
Up to 60,000 people with disabilities and some 100,000 orphans have received their salaries for six months and other payments from the ministry and the remaining would receive their salaries, as the process is going on fast. Thousands of needy and destitute people have also received humanitarian aids provided by the international aid agencies, according to the minister.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.