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6 drug processing labs destroyed, 9 arrested in Ghor

FEROZKOH: At least six narcotics processing factories have been destroyed and nine suspect individuals arrested in the country’s central province of Ghor, the provincial police office said in a statement the other day. The provincial police spokesman Abdul Rahman Badri said that in a series of counter-narcotics operations, the anti-narcotics police personnel has recovered and destroyed six narcotics-producing factories in Asto and Kharghaltan villages of Shahrak district of the province in the past days, according to the statement. According to the statement, Badri went on as saying that nine people have been arrested and two high-speed vehicles have also been seized during the operations. Based on another report, the counter-narcotics police personnel have arrested two individuals in connection with the trafficking of drugs in the northern Samangan province, as well as they have discovered and seized 4,000 kilograms of crystal meth (methamphetamine) from the detained individuals. Also, the counter-narcotics police personnel based on a tipoff operation had discovered and destroyed a drug processing lab in Gazara district of the western province of Herat. Previously, the anti-narcotics police personnel had also arrested dozens of alleged drug smugglers in the Herat province over the past weeks. Pointing to the destruction of drug labs and arresting of those involved individuals in connection with the producing, dealing and trafficking of drugs the relevant officials said that the necessary efforts and operations are underway to arrest and bring involved individuals in running the drug labs in any part of the provinces. This comes after that in April last year, the cultivation, production and trafficking of illegal crops including poppy and hashish was banned by the Islamic Emirate across the country. After the banning of narcotics, the counter-narcotics police personnel of the Islamic Emirate have been conducting anti-drugs operations in the past months across the country, as they have destroyed poppies on tens of thousands of acres of land countrywide. Furthermore, they have unearthed hundreds of drug processing factories and arrested thousands of individuals in connection with purchasing and trafficking of narcotics in the past months across the country. Mohammad Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.